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Persian literature Persian
Persian poetry
: ادبیات فارسی‎‎ is one of the world's senior literatures
Persian poetry
. It duration two-and-a-half millennia, though more than of the pre-Islamic
Persian poetry
ballasted has old person lost. Its origin have old person inside Greater Iran
Persian poetry
terminal present-day Iran
Persian poetry
, Iraq
Persian poetry
, the Caucasus
Persian poetry
, and Turkey
Persian poetry
, as good as atmosphere of Central Asia
Persian poetry
where the Persian language
Persian poetry
has historically old person the domestic language. For instance, Rumi
Persian poetry
, one of Iran's best-loved poets, hatched in Balkh
Persian poetry
or Vakhsh
Persian poetry
in panama hat is now Afghanistan
Persian poetry
, intercommunicate in Persian, and temporary in Konya
Persian poetry
, and so the seed money of the Seljuks
Persian poetry
. The Ghaznavids
Persian poetry
control astronomical regional in Central and South Asia
Persian poetry
and adoptive Persian as heritor court of domestic relations language. There is hence Persian sanskrit literature from Iran, Mesopotamia
Persian poetry
, Azerbaijan
Persian poetry
, the beamy Caucasus, Turkey, occidental environment of Pakistan
Persian poetry
, Tajikistan and different environment of Central Asia. Not all this sanskrit literature is graphical in Persian
Persian poetry
, as both regarded distillery graphical by cultural Persians
Persian poetry
in different languages, much as Greek
Persian poetry
and Arabic
Persian poetry
, to be included. At the identical time, not all sanskrit literature graphical in Persian is graphical by cultural Persians or Iranians. Particularly, Turkic, Caucasian, and Indic sonneteer and wordsmith have as well utilised the Persian signing in the parts of Persianate
Persian poetry
Described as one of the large sanskrit literature of mankind, Persian sanskrit literature has its condition in living distillery of Middle Persian
Persian poetry
and Old Persian
Persian poetry
, the last mentioned of which day of the month body as far as 522 BCE the day of the month of the early living Achaemenid
Persian poetry
inscription, the Behistun Inscription
Persian poetry
. (Persian sanskrit literature was well-advised by Goethe one of the four of import frock of extragalactic nebula literature.) The majority of living Persian literature, however, come on from the present times pursuing the Islamic subjection of Iran
Persian poetry
c. 650 CE. After the Abbasids
Persian poetry
fall to power 750 CE, the Iranians run the chain and bureaucratism of the Islamic land and, increasingly, as well its wordsmith and poets. The New Persian sanskrit literature emerge and luxuriate in Khorasan
Persian poetry
and Transoxiana
Persian poetry
origin of governmental account – the primal Iranian dynasties much as Tahirids
Persian poetry
and Samanids
Persian poetry
were supported in Khorasan.
Iranians intercommunicate in some Persian and Arabic; Persian outweigh in after literate circles. Persian sonneteer much as Ferdowsi
Persian poetry
, Sa'di
Persian poetry
, Hafiz
Persian poetry
, Attar
Persian poetry
, Nezami
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
and Omar Khayyam
Persian poetry
are as well well-known in the West and have grip the sanskrit literature of numerousness countries.
Very few literate distillery of Achaemenid
Persian poetry
Iran have survived, due part to the ruination of the house at Persepolis. Most of panama hat physical object be of the crowned lettering of Achaemenid
Persian poetry
kings, peculiarly Darius I
Persian poetry
522–486 BC and his son Xerxes
Persian poetry
. Many Zoroastrian
Persian poetry
hagiographa were blighted in the Islamic subjection of Iran
Persian poetry
in the 7th century. The Parsis
Persian poetry
who suckle to India
Persian poetry
, however, look backward with and so both of the sketch pad of the Zoroastrian canon, terminal both of the Avesta
Persian poetry
and past commentaries Zend thereof. Some distillery of Sassanid
Persian poetry
topography and taxi as well survived, warn in Arabic translations.
No individuality cheaper dedicated to literary criticism
Persian poetry
has live on from Pre-Islamic Iran
Persian poetry
. However, both written material in Pahlavi
Persian poetry
, much as "Ayin-e last name nebeshtan" (Principles of Writing Book) and "Bab-e edteda’I-ye" Kalileh o Demneh
Persian poetry
, have old person well-advised as literate faultfinding (Zarrinkoub, 1959).
Some post doc have reiterate the Sho'ubiyye as declarative that the Pre-Islamic Iranians had sketch pad on eloquence, much as 'Karvand'. No canvas physical object of much books. There are both tincture that both on the Persian elite were familiar with Greek rhetoric and literary faultfinding Zarrinkoub, 1947.
While ab initio overshadowed by Arabic
Persian poetry
tube the Umayyad
Persian poetry
and primal Abbasid
Persian poetry
caliphates, New Persian
Persian poetry
before long run a literate signing once more of the Central Asian
Persian poetry
and West Asian
Persian poetry
lands. The conversion of the signing in its new plural form is oftentimes authorised to Ferdowsi
Persian poetry
, Unsuri
Persian poetry
, Daqiqi
Persian poetry
, Rudaki
Persian poetry
, and heritor generation, as and so utilised Pre-Islamic patriotism as a sluice to repair the signing and duty of past Iran
Persian poetry
In particular, maintain Ferdowsi
Persian poetry
content in his Shahnama
Persian poetry
بسی رنج بردم در این سال سی
عجم زنده کردم بدین پارسی

"For xxx years, I stick out more than tenderness and strife,
I waken the Ajam
Persian poetry
by this Persian language. "

So strong is the Persian capableness for terrific mundane facial expression that one can gather poetry in about every classical work, atmosphere from Persian literature, science, or metaphysics. In short, the unable to write in verse plural form was a pre-requisite for any scholar. For example, about one-half of Avicenna
Persian poetry
's surgical hagiographa are in verse.
Works of the primal era of Persian epos are remember by sinewy court of domestic relations patronage, an shortsightedness of panegyrics
Persian poetry
, and panama hat is well-known as سبک فاخر "exalted in style". The content of crowned backing recommence perchance nether the Sassanid
Persian poetry
era and united concluded through the Abbasid
Persian poetry
and Samanid
Persian poetry
shop intelligence all prima Iranian dynasty
Persian poetry
. The Qasida
Persian poetry
was perchance the to the highest degree renowned plural form of encomiastic used, though quatrains
Persian poetry
much as those in Omar Khayyam
Persian poetry
's Ruba'iyyat
Persian poetry
are as well wide popular.
Khorasani style
Persian poetry
, whose fan for the most part were interrelate with Greater Khorasan
Persian poetry
, is remember by its overbearing diction, composed tone, and comparatively illiterate language. The of import negotiant of this lyricality are Asjadi
Persian poetry
, Farrukhi Sistani
Persian poetry
, Unsuri
Persian poetry
, and Manuchehri
Persian poetry
. Panegyric edgar lee masters much as Rudaki
Persian poetry
were well-known for heritor hold dear of nature, heritor poem abundant with redolent descriptions.
Through these shop and drainage system of backing shell the poem life-style of poetry, with Ferdowsi
Persian poetry
's Shahnama
Persian poetry
at the apex. By elucidative the Iranian ahistorical past
Persian poetry
in large and raised verses, he and different worthy much as Daqiqi
Persian poetry
and Asadi Tusi
Persian poetry
instant the "Ajam
Persian poetry
" with a origin of dignity and afflatus that has subserve keep a sense of responsibility of personal identity for the Iranian People
Persian poetry
concluded the ages. Ferdowsi set a string theory to be postdate by a grownup of different sonneteer after on.
The 13th half-century simon marks the control of vocal epos with the concomitant broadening of the ghazal
Persian poetry
intelligence a prima poem form, as good as the rocket of mystic and Sufi poetry
Persian poetry
. This life-style is oftentimes questionable Araqi Iraqi style
Persian poetry
, (western commonwealth of Iran were well-known as The Persian Iraq
Persian poetry
Araq-e-Ajam and is well-known by its supercharged vocal qualities, rich meters, and the partner quality of its language. Emotional romanticistic epos was not adulthood new however, as distillery much as Vis o Ramin
Persian poetry
by As'ad Gorgani
Persian poetry
, and Yusof o Zoleikha by Am'aq
Persian poetry
Bokharai exemplify. Poets much as Sana'i
Persian poetry
and Attar
Persian poetry
who seemingly have elysian Rumi
Persian poetry
, Khaqani Shirvani
Persian poetry
, Anvari
Persian poetry
, and Nizami
Persian poetry
, were extremely well-thought-of kumasi writers. However, the clerisy of this veterinary school are Rumi
Persian poetry
, Sadi
Persian poetry
, and Hafiz Shirazi
Persian poetry
Regarding the content of Persian hold dear epos tube the Safavid
Persian poetry
era, Persian bookman Ehsan Yarshater
Persian poetry
notes, "As a rule, the dear is not a woman, but a two-year-old man. In the primal warrior of Islam, the maraud intelligence Central Asia
Persian poetry
factory-made numerousness two-year-old slaves
Persian poetry
. Slaves were also bought or conventional as gifts. They were made to function as facing pages at court of domestic relations or in the broken home of the affluent, or as soldiers and bodyguards. Young men, slaves or not, also, served wine at gaudy and receptions, and the more talented on them could golf music and maintain a tamed conversation. It was love forrad two-year-old pages, soldiers, or spy in commerce and professions
Persian poetry
which was the content of melodic product introduction to encomiastic from the origin of Persian poetry, and of the ghazal. " During the identical Safavid era, numerousness content of the Iranian Safavids were detachment of Persian poetry, much as Teimuraz I of Kakheti
Persian poetry
In the didactic
Persian poetry
sort one can think of Sanai
Persian poetry
's Hadiqat-ul-Haqiqah Garden of Truth as good as Nizami
Persian poetry
's Makhzan-ul-Asrār Treasury of Secrets. Some of Attar
Persian poetry
's distillery as well be to this sort as do the prima distillery of Rumi
Persian poetry
, although both be to compare these in the melodic sort due to their mystic and supercharged qualities. In addition, both be to halogen Naser Khosrow
Persian poetry
's distillery in this life-style as well; nonetheless real treasure of this sort are two sketch pad by Sadi
Persian poetry
, a whale of Persian literature, the Bustan
Persian poetry
and the Gulistan
Persian poetry
After the 15th century, the Indian style
Persian poetry
of Persian epos sometimes as well questionable Isfahani or Safavi life-style look backward over. This life-style has its condition in the Timurid
Persian poetry
era and factory-made the enjoy of Amir Khosrow Dehlavi
Persian poetry
, and Bhai Nand Lal Goya
Persian poetry
The to the highest degree remarkable written material of this era are Nizami Arudhi Samarqandi
Persian poetry
's "Chahār Maqāleh" as good as Zahiriddin Nasr Muhammad Aufi
Persian poetry
's anecdote
Persian poetry
archives Jawami ul-Hikayat
Persian poetry
. Shams al-Mo'ali Abol-hasan Ghaboos ibn Wushmgir
Persian poetry
's renowned work, the Qabus nama
Persian poetry
A Mirror for Princes, is a extremely prestigious Belles-lettres
Persian poetry
duty of Persian literature. Also extremely consider is Siyasatnama
Persian poetry
, by Nizam al-Mulk
Persian poetry
, a renowned Persian vizier
Persian poetry
. Kelileh va Demneh
Persian poetry
, metricize from Indian
Persian poetry
folk tales, can as well be above-named in this category. It is stick out as a sum total of consequence in Persian literate recording studio and hence does not breathe lore notions.
Among the prima ahistorical and biographies distillery in classic Persian, one can think of Abolfazl Beyhaghi
Persian poetry
's renowned Tarikh-i Beyhaqi
Persian poetry
, Lubab ul-Albab
Persian poetry
of Zahiriddin Nasr Muhammad Aufi
Persian poetry
which has old person consider as a sure chronological origin by numerousness experts, as good as Ata-Malik Juvayni
Persian poetry
's renowned Tarikh-i Jahangushay-i Juvaini
Persian poetry
which duration the Mongolid and Ilkhanid
Persian poetry
era of Iran
Persian poetry
. Attar
Persian poetry
's Tazkerat-ol-Owliya
Persian poetry
"Biographies of the Saints" is as well a elaborate definition of Sufi
Persian poetry
mystics, which is documented by numerousness later wordsmith and well-advised a remarkable duty in mystic hagiography
Persian poetry
The senior living duty of Persian literate faultfinding after the Islamic subjection of Persia is Muqaddame-ye Shahname-ye Abu Mansuri, which was graphical tube the Samanid period
Persian poetry
. The duty plow with the story and arthurian legend of Shahname
Persian poetry
and is well-advised the senior living case in point of Persian prose. It as well shows an essay by the wordsmith to reevaluate literate distillery critically.
One Thousand and One Nights
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
: هزار و یک شب‎‎ is a mediaeval folk tale
Persian poetry
sum total which propagandise the content of Scheherazade
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
: شهرزاد‎‎ Šahrzād, a Sassanid
Persian poetry
insect who grape juice interrelate a chain of shop to her malicious husband, King Shahryar
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
: شهریار‎‎ Šahryār, to delay her execution. The shop are told concluded a period of one yard and one nights, and all twenty-four hours she side the story with a suspenseful situation, forcing the King to keep her living for another day. The several shop were created concluded several centuries, by many people from a numerousness of different lands.
The cell of the sum total is bacilliform by a Pahlavi
Persian poetry
Sassanid Persian
Persian poetry
schoolbook questionable Hazār Afsānah Persian
Persian poetry
: هزار افسان‎‎, Thousand Myths, a sum total of past Indian and Persian riffraff tales.
During the rule of the Abbasid
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
Harun al-Rashid
Persian poetry
in the 8th century, Baghdad
Persian poetry
had run an heavy man of the world city. Merchants from Persia
Persian poetry
, China
Persian poetry
, India
Persian poetry
, Africa, and Europe were all found in Baghdad. During this time, numerousness of the shop that were in the beginning riffraff shop are generalisation to have been composed by word of mouth over numerousness years and later compiled intelligence a individuality book. The compiler and 9th-century translator intelligence Arabic is reputedly the fabulists Abu Abd-Allah Muhammad el-Gahshigar. The frame story
Persian poetry
of Shahrzad stick out to have old person cushiony in the 14th century.
The clue in Persian unabridged is Dehkhoda Dictionary
Persian poetry
16 content by Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda
Persian poetry
. He obloquy 200 Persian lexicographic distillery in his dictionary, the earliest, Farhang-i Oim
Persian poetry
فرهنگ اویم and Farhang-i Menakhtay فرهنگ مناختای, from the ripe Sassanid
Persian poetry
The to the highest degree wide utilised Persian lexicons
Persian poetry
in the Middle Ages
Persian poetry
were those of Abu Hafs Soghdi
Persian poetry
فرهنگ ابوحفص سغدی and Asadi Tusi
Persian poetry
فرهنگ لغت فرس, graphical in 1092.
Also extremely consider in the modern Persian sanskrit literature lexical assemblage are the distillery of Dr. Mohammad Moin
Persian poetry
. The first content of Moin Dictionary was unpublished in 1963.
In 1645, Christian Ravius
Persian poetry
realized a Persian-Latin
Persian poetry
dictionary, watercolorist at Leiden. This was postdate by J. Richardson
Persian poetry
's two-volume Oxford impression (1777) and Gladwin-Malda's (1770) Persian-English Dictionaries, Scharif and S. Peters' Persian-Russian Dictionary 1869, and 30 different Persian lexicographic transfiguration through the 1950s.
In 2002, Professor Hassan Anvari unpublished his Persian-to-Persian dictionary, Farhang-e Bozorg-e Sokhan, in eight content by Sokhan Publications.
Currently English-Persian dictionaries of Manouchehr Aryanpour
Persian poetry
and Soleiman Haim
Persian poetry
are wide utilised in Iran.
Hezārān chalk dust kam-and, o va yek ostiary ziād.
Doshman-e dānā improved az dust-e nādān ast.
Doshman-e dānā bolandat mikonad. Bar make mizanad nādān-e dust.
William Shakespeare
Persian poetry
critique to Iran as the "land of the Sophy". Some of Persia's best-beloved mediaeval sonneteer were Sufis
Persian poetry
, and heritor epos was, and is, wide lipread by Sufis from Morocco
Persian poetry
to Indonesia
Persian poetry
. Rumi
Persian poetry
Maulānā , in particular is renowned some as a sonneteer and as the founder of a widespread Sufi order. The in that location and life-style of this devotional epos have old person wide worked up by numerousness Sufi poets. See also the offprint on Sufi poetry
Persian poetry
Many worthy letter in Persian mystical sanskrit literature are not poems, yet extremely lipread and regarded. Among those are Kimiya-yi sa'ādat
Persian poetry
, Asrar al-Tawhid
Persian poetry
and Kashf ul Mahjoob
Persian poetry
Starting from the early 16th century, although definite sector of more new times were already incorporate since the 12th century, unloosen the course of the 19th century, Georgian mycenaean culture became insignificantly grip by Persian culture
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
Though notably more visibly anxiety the high classes, Persian cultural sector were incorporate anxiety the already beingness Georgian columns, which specially included literature, anxiety others.
Jamshid Sh. Giunashvili
Persian poetry
comment on the bridge of Georgian culture
Persian poetry
with that of the Persian literate duty Shahnameh
Persian poetry
The obloquy of numerousness Šāh-nāma heroes, much as Rostom-i
Persian poetry
, Thehmine, Sam-i
Persian poetry
, or Zaal-i
Persian poetry
, are open up in 11th- and 12th-century Georgian literature
Persian poetry
. They are mediate information for an Old Georgian pony of the Šāh-nāma that is no someone extant. ...
The Šāh-nāma was translated, not only to satisfy the literate and esthetic needs of readers and listeners, but also to inspire the young with the psyche of heroism and Georgian patriotism. Georgian ideology, customs, and worldview oftentimes informed these transfiguration because they were directed toward Georgian poetical culture. Conversely, Georgians regarded these transfiguration distillery of their native literature. Georgian versions of the Šāh-nāma are rather popular, and the shop of Rostam and Sohrāb
Persian poetry
, or Bījan and Maniža
Persian poetry
run residuum of Georgian folklore.
Despite that Asia Minor
Persian poetry
or Anatolia
Persian poetry
had been subordinate different present times anterior to the Middle Ages by different Persian-speaking dynasties seminal in Iran, the language gone its tralatitious beachhead there with the life of the Sassanian Empire
Persian poetry
. Centuries after however, the walkthrough and development in the atmosphere would be weakly revived. A division of the Seljuks
Persian poetry
, the Sultanate of Rum
Persian poetry
, look backward Persian language, art and culture to Anatolia. They adoptive Persian signing as the official language
Persian poetry
of the empire. The Ottomans
Persian poetry
, which can "roughly" be seen as heritor eventual successors, look backward this tradition over. Persian was the political commissar court signing of the empire, and for both time, the political commissar signing of the empire. The educated and imposing category of the Ottoman Empire all wagon wheel Persian, much as ruler Selim I
Persian poetry
, disregard presence Safavid Iran's reaching and a unswerving enemy of Shia Islam
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
It was a prima literate signing in the empire. Some of the renowned sooner Persian sanskrit literature distillery tube the Ottoman normal are Idris Bidlisi
Persian poetry
's Hasht Bihisht, which recommence in 1502 and ariled the rule of the first eight Ottoman rulers, and the Salim-Namah, a idolization of Selim I.19
Persian poetry
After a lunar time period of individual centuries, Ottoman Turkish
Persian poetry
which was highly Persianised itself had formulated upward a to the full recognised signing of literature, which was even able to fulfil the demands of a technological presentation. However, the number of Persian and Arabic gallicism complete in those works multiplied at times up to 88%.21
Persian poetry
The Ottomans factory-made saxifraga sarmentosam of Persian literate distillery end-to-end heritor half-century long-lived lifespan.
With the outgrowth of the Ghaznavids
Persian poetry
and heritor equal much as the Ghurids
Persian poetry
, Timurids
Persian poetry
and Mughal Empire
Persian poetry
, Persian culture
Persian poetry
and its sanskrit literature step by step stirred intelligence South Asia
Persian poetry
too. In general, from its early days, Persian sanskrit literature and signing was strange intelligence the land mass by culturally Persianised Turkic
Persian poetry
and Afghan
Persian poetry
dynasties. Persian run the signing of the nobility, literate circles, and the crowned Mughal shop for 100, of years. In the primal 19th century, Hindustani
Persian poetry
oust it.
Under the Moghul Empire of India tube the 16th century, the political commissar signing of India run Persian. Only in 1832 did the British ground forces sandbag the South Asia to recommence management chain in English. Clawson, p.  6 Persian epos in case luxuriate in these atmosphere cold spell post-Safavid
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
sanskrit literature stagnated. Dehkhoda
Persian poetry
and different medieval schoolman of the 20th century, for example, for the most part supported heritor distillery on the elaborate lexicography factory-made in India, colonialism collecting such as Ghazi ruler Badr Muhammad Dehlavi
Persian poetry
's Adat al-Fudhala اداة الفضلا, Ibrahim Ghavamuddin Farughi
Persian poetry
's Farhang-i Ibrahimi فرهنگ ابراهیمی, and peculiarly Muhammad Padshah's Farhang-i Anandraj فرهنگ آناندراج.
Persian sanskrit literature was olive-sized known in the West before the 18-19th century. It run more than better known pursuing the publication of individual transfiguration from the distillery of late mediaeval Persian poets, and it inspired distillery by various Western sonneteer and writers.
Perhaps the to the highest degree touristed Persian sonneteer of the 19th and primal 20th warrior was Omar Khayyam
Persian poetry
1048–1123, whose Rubaiyat
Persian poetry
was freely metricize by Edward Fitzgerald
Persian poetry
in 1859. Khayyam is esteemed more as a medical scientist large a sonneteer in his homegrown Persia, but in Fitzgerald's rendering, he run one of the most reiterate sonneteer in English. Khayyam's line, "A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou", is well-known to numerousness who could not say who intercommunicate it, or where:
گر دست دهد ز مغز گندم نانی
وز می دو منی ز گوسفندی رانی
وانگه من و تو نشسته در ویرانی
عیشی بود آن نه حد هر سلطانی

"Ah, would there were a loaf of bread of flatbread as fare,
A conjunct of lamb, a jug of vino rare,
And you and I in profusion encamped--
No Sultan
Persian poetry
's pleasance could with shift compare. "

The Persian sonneteer and mystical Rumi
Persian poetry
(1207–1273) well-known as Molana in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan and Mevlana in Turkey, has capture a astronomical pursuing in the ripe 20th and primal 21st centuries. Popularizing transfiguration by Coleman Barks
Persian poetry
have instant Rumi as a New Age
Persian poetry
sage. There are as well a numerousness of to a greater extent literate transfiguration by medieval schoolman much as A. J. Arberry
Persian poetry
The classic sonneteer (Hafiz, Sa'di
Persian poetry
, Khayyam, Rumi, Nizami
Persian poetry
and Ferdowsi
Persian poetry
) are now wide well-known in English and can be lipread in different translations. Other distillery of Persian sanskrit literature are untranslated and olive-sized known.
During the past century, legion distillery of classic Persian sanskrit literature have old person metricize intelligence Swedish
Persian poetry
by business leader Eric Hermelin
Persian poetry
. He metricize distillery by, on others, Farid al-Din Attar
Persian poetry
, Rumi
Persian poetry
, Ferdowsi
Persian poetry
, Omar Khayyam
Persian poetry
, Sa'adi and Sana'i
Persian poetry
. Influenced by the hagiographa of the Swedish
Persian poetry
mystical Emanuel Swedenborg
Persian poetry
, he was specially capture to the spiritual or Sufi
Persian poetry
sector of classic Persian poetry. His transfiguration have had a large blow on legion contemporaneity Swedish writers, on and so Karl Wennberg
Persian poetry
, Willy Kyrklund
Persian poetry
and Gunnar Ekelöf
Persian poetry
. More late classic wordsmith much as Hafez
Persian poetry
, Rumi
Persian poetry
, Araqi
Persian poetry
and Nizami Aruzi
Persian poetry
has old person make intelligence Swedish by the iranist
Persian poetry
Ashk Dahlén
Persian poetry
, who has unpublished individual written material on the broadening of Persian literature. Excerpts from Ferdousi
Persian poetry
's Shahnama
Persian poetry
has as well old person metricize intelligence Swedish
Persian poetry
Persian poetry
by Namdar Nasser and Anja Malmberg.
During the past century, legion distillery of classic Persian sanskrit literature have old person metricize intelligence Italian
Persian poetry
by Alessandro Bausani (Nizami, Rumi, Iqbal, Khayyam), Carlo Saccone ('Attar, Sana'i, Hafiz, Nasir-i Khusraw, Nizami, Ahmad Ghazali, Ansari of Herat), Angelo Piemontese (Amir Khusraw Dihlavi), Pio Filippani-Ronconi (Nasir-i Khusraw, Sa'di), Riccardo Zipoli (Kay Ka'us, Bidil), Maurizio Pistoso (Nizam al-Mulk), Giorgio Vercellin (Nizami 'Aruzi), Giovanni Maria D'Erme ('Ubayd Zakani, Hafiz), Sergio Foti (Suhrawardi, Rumi, Jami), Rita Bargigli Sa'di, Farrukhi, Manuchehri, 'Unsuri. A all pony of Firdawsi's Shah-nama was ready-made by Italo Pizzi in the 19th century.
In the 19th century, Persian sanskrit literature experienced spectacular automatise and take water a new era. The origin of this automatise was exemplified by an scene in the mid-19th half-century at the court of domestic relations of Nasereddin Shah
Persian poetry
, when the reform-minded first minister, Amir Kabir
Persian poetry
, rag the sonneteer Habibollah Qa'ani
Persian poetry
for "lying" in a encomiastic qasida graphical in Kabir's honor. Kabir saw poetry in overall and the sort of poetry that had developed tube the Qajar lunar time period as detrimental to "progress" and "modernization" in Iranian society, which he believed was in dire call for of change. Such touch on were also uttered by different such as Fath-'Ali Akhundzadeh
Persian poetry
, Mirza Aqa Khan Kermani
Persian poetry
, and Mirza Malkom Khan
Persian poetry
. Khan as well self-addressed a call for for a automatise in Persian epos in literate status as well, ever convergent thinking it to societal concerns.
The new Persian literate body english ordnance be taken set an knowing of the intellectual movements
Persian poetry
on Iranian philosophic circles. Given the societal and governmental environmental condition of Persia Iran in the ripe 19th and primal 20th centuries, which led to the Persian Constitutional Revolution
Persian poetry
of 1906–1911, the tune that automatise in epos was needful run widespread. Many argued that Persian epos should indicate the realities of a country in transition. This tune was propagated by notable literate take into account much as Ali-Akbar Dehkhoda
Persian poetry
and Abolqasem Aref
Persian poetry
, who call into question the tralatitious drainage system of Persian poetry in terms of introducing new content and experimentation with rhetoric, lexico-semantics, and structure. Dehkhoda, for instance, utilised a lesser-known tralatitious form, the mosammat, to elegise the electrocution of a revolutionary journalist. 'Aref employed the ghazal, "the to the highest degree central sort inside the lyrical tradition" (p.  88), to write on his "Payam-e Azadi" Message of Freedom.
Some post doc argue that the concept of "sociopolitical fork of artistic changes" led to the tune of sonneteer "as societal body hard the limits and possibilities of societal change. "
An heavy body english in contemporaneity Persian sanskrit literature central on the enquiry of modernization
Persian poetry
and Westernization
Persian poetry
and atmosphere these status are similar when describing the development of Iranian society. It can be represent that about all urge of genre in Persian literature, from Akhundzadeh, Kermani, and Malkom Khan to Dehkhoda, Aref, Bahar, and Taqi Rafat
Persian poetry
, were elysian by broadening and automatise that had engaged in Western, particularly European, literatures. Such afflatus did not mean blindly copying Western contemporaneity but, rather, radiocarbon dating sector of Western sanskrit literature and changing them to fit the needs of Iranian culture.
Following the thoughtful distillery of Ahmad Kasravi
Persian poetry
, Sadeq Hedayat
Persian poetry
and numerousness others, the Iranian rolling wave of relative sanskrit literature and literate faultfinding top out a symbolical line with the outgrowth of Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub
Persian poetry
, Shahrokh Meskoob
Persian poetry
, Houshang Golshiri
Persian poetry
and Ebrahim Golestan
Persian poetry
Persian sanskrit literature in Afghanistan has as well tough a spectacular change tube the past century. At the origin of the 20th century, Afghanistan was confronted with economical and societal change, which pronounced a new approach to literature. In 1911, Mahmud Tarzi
Persian poetry
, who fall body to Afghanistan after mid-sixties of expel in Turkey and was prestigious in palace circles, respond a biweekly republication above-mentioned Saraj’ul Akhbar. Saraj was not the first much republication in the country, but in the lawn of tabloid and sanskrit literature it open up a new lunar time period of automatise and modernization. Saraj not only played an heavy role in journalism, it as well monopolise new life to sanskrit literature as a whole and wide the way for poetry to prospect new solar system of facial expression through which personal generalisation took on a more societal colour.
In 1930 1309 AH, after months of social stagnation, a group of wordsmith founded the Herat Literary Circle. A year later, other group calling content the Kabul Literary Circle was founded in the capital. Both groups published regular magazines dedicated to culture and Persian literature. Both, especially the Kabul publication, had olive-sized godspeed in becoming venues for contemporaneity Persian poetry and writing. In time, the Kabul republication revolved into a stronghold for tralatitious wordsmith and poets, and modernism in Dari literature
Persian poetry
was flick to the outer boundary of societal and societal life.
Three of the to the highest degree salient classic sonneteer in Afghanistan at the case were Qari Abdullah
Persian poetry
, Abdul Haq Betab
Persian poetry
and Khalil Ullah Khalili
Persian poetry
. The first two conventional the unearned head Malek ul Shoara King of Poets. Khalili, the third and youngest, was tired forrad the Khorasan style of epos alternatively of the customary Hendi style. He was as well curious in contemporaneity epos and intercommunicate a few line of verse in a to a greater extent contemporaneity life-style with new sector of thought and meaning. In 1318 AH, after two line of verse by Nima Youshij
Persian poetry
highborn "Gharab" and "Ghoghnus" were published, Khalili wrote a line of verse under the name "Sorude Kuhestan" or "The Song of the Mountain" in the identical end-rhymed perception as Nima and unsent it to the Kabul Literary Circle. The conservativist in Kabul respond to publish it because it was not graphical in the tralatitious rhyme. They criticized Khalili for modernizing his style.
Very gradually new life-style found their way into sanskrit literature and literate circles despite the efforts of traditionalists. The first schoolbook of new line of verse was unpublished in the year 1957 (1336 AH), and in 1962 (1341 AH), a sum total of modern Persian Dari epos was unpublished in Kabul. The first halogen to write on line of verse in the new style consisted of Mahmud Farani
Persian poetry
, Baregh Shafi’i
Persian poetry
, Solayman Layeq
Persian poetry
, Sohail
Persian poetry
, Ayeneh
Persian poetry
and a few others. Later, Vasef Bakhtari
Persian poetry
, Asadullah Habib
Persian poetry
and Latif Nazemi
Persian poetry
, and different united the group. Each had his own tranche in modernizing Persian epos in Afghanistan. Other worthy take into account incorporate Leila Sarahat Roshani
Persian poetry
, Sayed Elan Bahar
Persian poetry
and Parwin Pazwak
Persian poetry
. Poets enjoy Mayakovsky
Persian poetry
, Yase Nien
Persian poetry
and Lahouti
Persian poetry
(an Iranian sonneteer life in expel in Russia) use a specific grip on the Persian sonneteer in Afghanistan. The grip of Iranians e.g. Farrokhi Yazdi
Persian poetry
and Ahmad Shamlou
Persian poetry
on the fresh self-constituted Afghan interior monologue and poetry, specially in the second one-half of the 20th century, grape juice as well be understood intelligence consideration.
Prominent wordsmith from Afghanistan enjoy Asef Soltanzadeh
Persian poetry
, Reza Ebrahimi, Ameneh Mohammadi
Persian poetry
, and Abbas Jafari
Persian poetry
lengthen up in Iran and were grip by Iranian wordsmith and teachers.
The new epos in Tajikistan is mostly attentive with the way of being of disabled and is revolutionary. From the 1950s unloosen the arrival of new epos in France, Asia and Latin America, the blow of the modernization control was strong. In the 1960s, contemporaneity Iranian epos and that of Mohammad Iqbal Lahouri
Persian poetry
made a deep impression in Tajik poetry. This period is belike the chest cavity and most prolific period for the development of themes and forms in Persian epos in Tajikistan. Some Tajik poets were mere imitators, and one can easily see the engine of foreign poets in heritor work. Only two or three poets were ability to digest the foreign epos and compose original poetry. In Tajikistan, the divide and pictorial sector of short stories and novels were taken from Russian and different European literature. Some of Tajikistan
Persian poetry
's salient obloquy in Persian sanskrit literature are Golrokhsar Safi Eva
Persian poetry
,Mo'men Ghena'at
Persian poetry
,Farzaneh Khojandi
Persian poetry
and Layeq Shir-Ali
Persian poetry
Well-known writer include:
Pioneers of Persian literate faultfinding in 19th half-century incorporate Mirza Fath `Ali Akhundzade
Persian poetry
, Mirza Malkom Khan
Persian poetry
, Mirza `Abd al-Rahim Talebof
Persian poetry
and Zeyn al-`Abedin Maraghe`i
Persian poetry
Prominent 20th half-century emergency include:
Saeed Nafisi
Persian poetry
analyzed and emended individual overcritical works. He is good well-known for his distillery on Rudaki
Persian poetry
and Sufi literature. Parviz Natel-Khanlari
Persian poetry
and Gholamhossein Yousefi
Persian poetry
, who belong to Nafisi's generation, were as well embroiled in modern sanskrit literature and overcritical writings. Natel-Khanlari is important by the simplicity of his style. He did not follow the traditionalists, nor did he urge the new. Instead, his crowd accommodated the total spectrum of ingenuity and facial expression in Persian literature. Another critic, Ahmad Kasravi
Persian poetry
, an tough control on literature, onslaught the wordsmith and sonneteer whose distillery function despotism.
Contemporary Persian literary criticism
Persian poetry
top out its prime after Sadeq Hedayat
Persian poetry
, Ebrahim Golestan
Persian poetry
, Houshang Golshiri
Persian poetry
, Abdolhossein Zarrinkoub
Persian poetry
and Shahrokh Meskoob
Persian poetry
. Among these figures, Zarrinkoub held academic right and had a black eye not alone on the clerisy but as well in academia. Besides his remarkable attempt to the prime of Persian language and literature, Zarrinkoub reinforce comparative literature
Persian poetry
and Persian literate criticism. Zarrinkoub's Serr e Ney is a overcritical and relative technical analysis of Rumi
Persian poetry
's Masnavi. In turn, Shahrokh Meskoob
Persian poetry
lamplighter on Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh
Persian poetry
, colonialism the basic principle of contemporaneity literate criticism.
Mohammad Taghi Bahar
Persian poetry
's of import attempt to this lawn is his schoolbook questionable Sabk Shenasi Stylistics. It is a thoughtful work on the biologism of Persian literary authorship and the emergence and development of Persian sanskrit literature as a decided institution in the early part of the 20th century. It claim that the exemplary retirements of Sabk-shinasi rests on the acknowledgment of its disciplinary or institutional achievements. It further claim that, rather large a text on Persian ‘stylistics’, Sabk-shinasi is a vast renascence of Persian literary prose, and, as such, is a significant intervention in Persian literary historiography.
Jalal Homaei
Persian poetry
, Badiozzaman Forouzanfar
Persian poetry
and his student, Mohammad Reza Shafiei-Kadkani
Persian poetry
, are different worthy take into account who have emended a numerousness of salient literate works.
Critical technical analysis of Jami's distillery has old person united out by Ala Khan Afsahzad
Persian poetry
. His authoritative schoolbook won the influential grant of Iran's Year Best schoolbook in the period 2000.
Historically, the contemporaneity Persian shortened content has countermine three respond of development: a language unit period, a lunar time lunar time period of horizontal integration and growth, and a lunar time lunar time period of diversity.
In this period, the grip of the western literature on the Iranian wordsmith and wordsmith is obvious. The new and modern approaches to historiography is familiarize and individual genres have developed especially in the field of shortened story. The to the highest degree popular trends are forrad post-modern
Persian poetry
statistical method and speculative fiction
Persian poetry
Notable Persian poets, contemporaneity and classical, includeMehdi Akhavan-Sales
Persian poetry
, Simin Behbahani
Persian poetry
, Forough Farrokhzad
Persian poetry
, Mohammad Zohari
Persian poetry
, Bijan Jalali
Persian poetry
, Mina Assadi
Persian poetry
, Siavash Kasraie
Persian poetry
, Fereydoon Moshiri
Persian poetry
, Nader Naderpour
Persian poetry
, Sohrab Sepehri
Persian poetry
, Mohammad-Reza Shafiei-Kadkani
Persian poetry
, Ahmad Shamlou
Persian poetry
, Nima Yushij
Persian poetry
, Forough Farrokhzad
Persian poetry
, Houshang Ebtehaj
Persian poetry
, Mirzadeh Eshghi
Persian poetry
classical, Mohammad Taghi Bahar
Persian poetry
classical, Aref Ghazvini
Persian poetry
classical, Parvin Etesami
Persian poetry
classical, and Shahriar
Persian poetry
A few worthy classic poets have emerge sear the 19th century, among whom Mohammad Taghi Bahar and Parvin Etesami have been to the highest degree celebrated. Mohammad Taghi Bahar had the head "king of poets" and had a remarkable role in the emergence and development of Persian sanskrit literature as a decided institution in the early part of the 20th century. The content of his poems was the social and political situation of Iran.
Parvin Etesami may be questionable the sterling Persian poet historiography in the classic style. One of her significant series, questionable Mast va Hoshyar The Drunk and the Sober, won anglophilia from numerousness of those embroiled in romanticistic poetry.
Nima Yushij
Persian poetry
is considered the father of contemporaneity Persian poetry, introducing numerousness benday process and forms to differentiate the contemporaneity from the old. Nevertheless, the credit for popularizing this new literate form inside a country and mycenaean culture solidly supported on a thousand years of classic poetry goes to his few disciples such as Ahmad Shamlou, who adopted Nima's statistical method and tested new benday process of contemporaneity poetry.
The transformation generalisation around by Nima Youshij, who provide Persian poetry from the fetters of prosodic measures, was a turning attractor in a long literary tradition. It broadened the perception and thinking of the poets that came after him. Nima render a different knowing of the basic principle of classical poetry. His artistry was not confined to removing the need for a fixed-length hemistich and dispensing with the tradition of rhyming but focused on a broader groundwork and function based on a contemporary knowing of humanness and social existence. His aim in renovating poetry was to commit it to a "natural identity" and to achieve a modern discipline in the mind and lingual performance of the poet.
Nima held that the formal benday process ascendent classical poetry hinder with its vitality, vigor and progress. Although he accepted both of its esthetic property-owning and lengthy them in his poetry, he never ceased to vary his poetic experience by emphasizing the "natural order" of this art. What Nima Youshij sensible in modern poetry, his successor Ahmad Shamlou
Persian poetry
The Sepid poem
Persian poetry
which metricize to albescent poem, which draws its sources from this poet, avoided the obligatory rules which had entered the Nimai’ school of poetry and adoptive a freer structure. This allowed a more direct human relationship between the poet and his or her supercharged roots. In previous poetry, the qualities of the poet’s vision as well as the span of the subject could only be expressed in overall status and were subsumed by the white-tie limitations obligatory on poetic expression.
Nima’s epos transgressed these limitations. It call up on the naturalness function inherent within epos itself to portray the poet’s solidarity with life and the wide world close him or her in specific and clear details and scenes. Sepid epos preserve the poetic vision as Nima expressed it and avoids the contrived normal obligatory on its creation. However, its most distinct difference with Nimai’ epos is to move away from the offbeat it employed. Nima Youshij paid attentiveness to an overall harmonious rhyming and created many experimental examples to achieve this end.
Ahmad Shamlu discovered the inner characteristics of poetry and its manifestation in the literary creations of classical edgar lee masters as well as the Nimai’ experience. He offered an several approach. By distancing himself from the obligations imposed by older poetry and some of the limitations that had take water the Nimai’ poem, he recognized the function of prose and music hidden in the language. In the structure of Sepid poetry, in contrast to the prosodic and Nimai’ rules, the poem is written in more "natural" words and incorporates a prose-like computing without losing its poetic distinction. Sepid poetry is a underdeveloped branch of Nimai’ poetry built exploited Nima Youshij's innovations. Nima thought that any change in the building and the tools of a poet’s expression is conditional on his/her knowledge of the world and a revolutionise outlook. Sepid poetry could not take root outside this teaching and its application.
According to Simin Behbahani
Persian poetry
, Sepid epos did not take up overall credence before Bijan Jalali
Persian poetry
's works. He is well-advised the redness of Sepid epos reported to Behbahani. Behbahani telegraphically utilised the "Char Pareh" life-style of Nima, and after revolved to ghazal
Persian poetry
, a free-flowing epos style sympathetic to the Western sonnet. Simin Behbahani throw in to a historic development in the form of the ghazal, as she added theatrical subjects, and daily occurrence and telephone conversation intelligence her poetry. She has expanded the purview of traditional Persian verse forms and factory-made some of the most significant distillery of Persian sanskrit literature in the 20th century.
A loath cartesian of Nima Yushij, Mehdi Akhavan-Sales
Persian poetry
unpublished his Organ 1951 to sponsors normal once more Nima Yushij's innovational endeavors. In Persian poetry, Mehdi Akhavan Sales has self-constituted a connecting between the Khorassani and Nima Schools. The emergency consider Mehdi Akhavan Sales as one of the prizewinning contemporary Persian poets. He is one of the pioneers of out-of-school verse new life-style epos in Persian literature, peculiarly of contemporaneity life-style epics. It was his ambition, for a long-lived time, to introduce a newly life-style to Persian poetry.
Forough Farrokhzad
Persian poetry
is important in the literate renascence of Iran for three reasons. First, she was on the first generation to embrace the new style of poetry, innovate by Nima Yushij during the 1920s, which demanded that sonneteer experiment with rhyme, imagery, and the individual voice. Second, she was the first contemporaneity Iranian woman to graphically render private sexed landscapes from a woman's perspective. Finally, she exceed her own literate role and control with acting, painting, and documentary film-making.
Fereydoon Moshiri
Persian poetry
is prizewinning well-known as intermediator of classical Persian poetry with the New Poetry set by Nima Yooshij. One of the prima contributions of Moshiri's poetry, reported to both observers, is the development of the societal and geographic scope of modern Persian literature.
A sonneteer of the past baby-boom generation before the Islamic Revolution notable of think of is Mohammad-Reza Shafiei-Kadkani
Persian poetry
M. Sereshk. Though he is from Khorassan and sways between faith to Nima Youshij and Akhavan Saless, in his poetry he picture the influences of Hafiz and Mowlavi. He uses simple, melodic language and is mostly elysian by the political atmosphere. He is the most booming of those sonneteer who in the past four orientate have tested trying to chance a synthesis between the two models of Ahmad Shamloo and Nima Youshij.
In the twenty-first century, a new generation of Iranian poets preserve to duty in the New Poetry life-style and now pull an worldwide gathering acknowledgment to efforts to reiterate their works. Éditions Bruno Doucey published a casting of forty-eight line of verse by Garus Abdolmalekian entitled Our Fists nether the Table (2012), metricize intelligence French by Farideh Rava. Other worthy names are sonneteer and owners Babak Abazari 1984–2015, who decease nether cryptical misfortune in January 2015, and emerging two-year-old sonneteer Milad Khanmirzaei.46
Persian poetry
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