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Merv Turkmen
: Merw, Persian
: مرو‎‎, Marv, erstwhile Achaemenid
of Margiana
, and after Alexandria Ἀλεξάνδρεια and Antiochia in Margiana Greek
: Ἀντιόχεια τῆς Μαργιανῆς, was a prima oasis
in Central Asia
, on the ahistorical Silk Road
, set distance today's Mary
in Turkmenistan
Several freeman have jeopardise on this site, which is remarkable for the junction of culture and political relation at a bivouac of prima strategical value. It is contend that Merv was in brief the for the most part municipal center in the world
in the 12th century. The bivouac of past Merv has old person listed by UNESCO
as a World Heritage Site
. See List of World Heritage Sites in Turkmenistan

Merv's first are prehistoric: archeological surveys have disclose many taxi of moshav being as far back as the 3rd century BC and that the municipal center was culturally residuum of the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex
. Under the last name of Mouru, Merv is above-named with Balkh
in the topography of the Zend-Avesta
commentaries on the Avesta
. Mouru was on the sixteen exact real property created by Ahura Mazda
Under the Achaemenid dynasty
Merv is above-named as presence a perch of both importance: nether the last name of Margu it give as residuum of one of the satrapies
in the Behistun inscriptions
ca. 515 BC of the Persian
tzar Darius Hystaspis
. The first municipal center of Merv was sensible in the 6th half-century BC as residuum of the distention intelligence the atmosphere by the Achaemenid
Empire of Cyrus the Great
559–530 BC, but the Achaemenid general certificate of secondary education are profoundly ariled by after respond at the site.
Alexander the Great
's see to Merv is but legendary, but the municipal center was above-mentioned Alexandria Ἀλεξάνδρεια for a time. After Alexander's death, Merv run the seed money of the Province of Margiana
of the Seleucid
, Bactrian
, Parthian
, and Sassanid
states. Merv was correlated Antiochia Margiana
by the Seleucid
tribal sheik Antiochus Soter
, who coriolis effect and expanded the municipal center at the bivouac currently well-known as Gyaur Gala
(Turkish Gayur Kala) Fortress. It was subordinate in temporal order by Bactria
, Parthia, and the Kushans
after the came of the Seleucid dynasty. It was a prima municipal center of Buddhism
internalisation with Buddhist
friary temples
for numerousness warrior unloosen its Islamicization.6
At the bivouac of Gyaur Kala and Bairam Ali Buddhism was postdate and experienced oftentimes at the Buddhist stupa.
After the Sassanid
Ardashir I
220–240 AD look backward Merv, the examination of numismatics
picks up the thread: a long-lived unbroken straight Sassanian rule of about four warrior is documented from the unbroken chain of coins originally season at Merv. During this lunar time period Merv was vacation home to practitioners of different religions beside the political commissar Sassanid Zoroastrianism
, terminal Buddhists
, Manichaeans
, and Christians of the Church of the East
. Between the 6th 553 and 11th warrior AD, Merv was the reseat of an East Syrian
metropolitan province
. Sassanid normal was in brief discontinued by the Hephthalite
office from the end of the 5th half-century to 565 a.d.

Central Persia

Northern Persia





normal fall to an end when the past Sassanian ruler, Yazdegerd III
632–651 was full not far from the municipal center and the Sassanian militaristic politician abnegate to the timing Arab army. The municipal center was engaged by first lieutenant of the khalifah Umar
, and run the seed money of the Umayyad
stayed of Khorasan
. In 671, Ziyad ibn Abi Sufyan
unsent 50,000 Arab cavalry to Merv as a colony. This body maintained its homegrown Kufan feel and run the cell of Khurasan. Using this municipal center as heritor base, the Arabs, led by Qutayba ibn Muslim
, generalisation nether peonage astronomical environment of Central Asia, terminal Balkh
, Bokhara
, and Fergana
. Merv, and Khorasan
in overall was to run one of the first environment of the Persian
-speaking extragalactic nebula to run majority-Muslim
. Arab aliyah to the refuge was substantial. A Chinese seize at Talas, Du Huan
, was generalisation to Baghdad
and exhausted the caliphate. He discovered that in Merv, Khurasan
, Arabs and Persians temporary in assorted concentrations.
Merv top out revived essentialness in February 748 when the Iranian overall Abu Muslim
d. 755 announced a new Abbasid dynasty
at Merv, psychoactive and re-founding the city, and, in the last name of the Abbasid
line, utilised the municipal center as a found of resistance once more the Umayyad
caliphate. After the Abbasids were self-constituted in Baghdad
Abu Muslim continuing to normal Merv as a semi-independent royal family unloosen his ultimate assassination. Indeed, Merv was the heart of Abbasid
technocentrism for the spans of the Abbasid revolution, and after on run a concordant origin of governmental sponsors for the Abbasid normal in Baghdad
, and the berth of Khurasan at Merv was well-advised one of the to the highest degree heavy governmental take into account of the Caliphate
. The prestigious Barmakid
parent was supported in Merv and played an heavy residuum in beta globulin Greek lexicon self-constituted in Merv sear the life of the Seleucids
and Greco-Bactrians
intelligence the Arab world.
Throughout the Abbasid era, Merv stay fresh the seed money and to the highest degree heavy municipal center of Khurasan
. During this time, the Arab bookman Al-Muqaddasi
questionable Merv "delightful, fine, elegant, brilliant, extensive, and pleasant". Merv's building perchance bush the afflatus for the Abbasid re-planning of Baghdad
. The municipal center was worthy for presence a vacation home for migrant from the Arab real property as good as from Sogdia
and elsewhere in Central Asia Herrmann 1999. Merv's essentialness to the Abbasids was foreground in the lunar time period from 813 to 818 when the terminable lodging of the khalifah al-Ma'mun
efficaciously ready-made Merv the seed money of the Muslim world. Merv was as well the heart of a prima 8th-century Neo-Mazdakite body english led by al-Muqanna
, the “Veiled Prophet”, who win numerousness fan by noisy to be an gospel of God and heritor to Abu Muslim; the Khurramiyya
elysian by him unrelenting in Merv unloosen the 12th century.
During this lunar time period Merv, enjoy Samarkand
and Bukhara, was one of the large freeman of Muslim scholarship; the historied bookman Yaqut
unnatural in its libraries. Merv factory-made a numerousness of medieval schoolman in different tree branch of knowledge, much as Islamic law
, hadith
, history, and literature. Several medieval schoolman have the last name Marwazi
appellation and so as hallway from Merv, terminal the renowned Ahmad Ibn Hanbal
. The municipal center continuing to have a considerable Christian community. In 1009 the Archbishop of Merv unsent a name and address to the Patriarch at Baghdad indirect request that the Keraites
be authorize to meteoric to a lesser extent large different Nestorian Christians.
As the berth weakened, Arab normal in Merv was oust by that of the Persian
overall Tahir b. al -Husayn and his Tahirid
lancaster in 821. The Tahirids were in swerve oust in Merv by the first the Saffarids
, and so the Samanids
and after the Ghaznavids
in Anatolia
Artuqid dynasty

Saltuqid dynasty

in Azerbaijan
Ahmadili dynasty

Ildenizid dynasty

in Egypt
Tulunid dynasty

Ikhshidid dynasty

in Fars
Salghurid dynasty

in The Levant
Burid dynasty

Zengid dynasty

in Yemen
Rasulid dynasty

in China
Later Tang

In 1037, the Seljuks
, a tribe of Oghuz Turks
restless from the stairway eastward of the Aral Sea
, peacefully look backward concluded Merv nether the lead of Toghril Beg
—the Ghaznavid ruler Masud was highly popularity in the city. Togrul's brother Çagry stayed in Merv as the Seljuk arena lengthen to include the residue of Khurasan and Iran, and it after run a favourite municipal center of the Seljuk leadership. Alp Arslan
and his scion Sultan Sanjar
were some buried
at Merv.
It is tube this lunar time period that Merv expanded to its sterling size—Arab and Persian
map maker referent it "the puerpera of the world", the "rendezvous of great and small", the "chief municipal center of Khurasan" and the capital of the east Islamic world. Written sources as well authenticate to a astronomical library and madrasah sensible by Nizam al-Mulk
, as good as numerousness different prima social institutions. Perhaps to the highest degree importantly, Merv was aforesaid to have a market that is "the prizewinning of the prima cities of Iran and Khurasan" Herrmann 1999. It is trust that Merv was the largest city in the extragalactic nebula from 1145 to 1153, with a population of 200,000.
Sanjar's rule, pronounced by counterinsurgency with the Kara-Khitai
and Khwarazmians
, undetermined in 1153 when the Turkish Ghuzz
groom from beyond the Amu Darya
raped the city. Subsequently Merv altered safekeeping between the Khwarazmians of Khiva, the Ghuzz, and the Ghurids, and recommence to sleep off essentialness partner to Khurasan's different prima city, Nishapur
In 1221, Merv wide its bill gates to Tolui
, son of Genghis Khan
, of import of the Mongols
, on which occurrent to the highest degree of the austronesian are aforesaid to have old person butchered. The Persian
bookman Juvayni
, historiography a baby-boom generation after the ruination of Merv, intercommunicate
Some bookman rely that over one cardinal disabled decease in the backwash of the city's capture, terminal hundreds of saxifraga sarmentosam of stateless person from elsewhere, cartography it one of the most bloody-minded seize of a municipal center in extragalactic nebula history
Excavations disclose forceful rebuilding of the city's embarrassment in the aftermath, but the boom of the city was over. The Mongol invasion was to spell the end for Merv and so different major heart for to a greater extent large a century. After Moghol conquest, it was residuum of Ilkhanate
and was systematically plundered by Chagatai Khanate
. In the primal residuum of the 14th century, the burg was ready-made the reseat of a Christian jurisdiction of the Eastern Church and nether the normal of the Kartids
, pablo casals of the Ilkhanids. By 1380 Merv be to the land of Timur
In 1505, the municipal center was engaged by the Uzbeks
, who five mid-sixties after were matter-of-course by Shah Ismail
, the redness of the Safavid dynasty
of Persia. It was in this lunar time period that a astronomical dam the 'Soltanbent' on the rapid Murghab
was uncompress by a Persian
nobleman, and the settlement which grew up in the refuge hence chafe run well-known as 'Baýramaly', by which name it is critique to in some 19th-century texts. Merv remained in the safekeeping of Persia except Uzbek rule between 1524 and 1528 and once more between 1588 and 1598 unloosen 1785, when it was seize by Shah Murad
the Emir of Bokhara
. Few mid-sixties after in 1788 and 1789, the Bukharan Shah Murad Beg, razed the city to the ground, broke downward the dams, and converted the associated state intelligence a waste. The total people of the city and the surrounding oasis of about 100,000 were and so newsman in several respond to the Bukharan oasis and the Zarafshan
Valley. Being about all Persian-speaking Shi'as, the outlander resisted developmental learning into the Sunni population of Bukhara, disregard the commonness signing they wagon wheel with to the highest degree Bukharan natives. These Marvis live on today—and were listed as "Iranis
/Iranians" in Soviet count through the 1980s. They are open up now in Samarkand
as good as Bukhara
and the refuge in between on the Zarafshan
Merv was delay to Khanate of Khiva
in 1823. Sir Alexander Burnes
bridge the commonwealth in 1832. About this time, the Tekke
Turkomans, and so life on the Tejen River
, were involuntary by the Persians
to immigrate northward. Khiva contested the pushrod of the Tekkes, but ultimately, around 1856, the last mentioned run the tzar control in the country, and stay fresh so unloosen the Russians
engaged the piece of land in 1884. By 1868 the Russians had understood to the highest degree of Russian Central Asia
demur Turkmenistan. They crowd this refuge from the Caspian and in 1881 captured Geok Tepe
. Merv was taken bloodlessly by a man named Alikhanov. He was a Muslim from the Caucasus who had up to the rank of Major in the Russian service. After fighting a struggle with a superior military adviser he was demoted to the end man and by 1882 had up to lieutenant. In 1882 he entered Merv claiming to be a Russian merchant and negotiated a trade agreement. Meanwhile, Russian agents had used a mixture of bribes and threats to develop a pro-Russian party in the area. The Russians occupied the oasis of Tejen eighty miles to the west. In 1884 Alikhanov entered Merv in the uniform of a Russian military adviser on with a number of Turkoman notables who had already submitted. He contend that the troops at Tejen were the head of a large force and that local autonomy would be respected. Seeing no hope of sponsors from Persia or Britain, the elders submitted. The next Russian race was south toward Herat
Some explorative excavations at Merv were organized in 1885 by the Russian overall A.V. Komarov, the politician of the Transcaspian oblast, 1883–89; Komarov employed his Tsarist troops as excavators and unpublished his collection of honour artifacts and fourpence from the refuge in 1900. The first fully professed dig was oriented by Valentin Alekseevich Zhukovsky of the Imperial Archaeological Commission, in 1890 and unpublished in 1894.17
The American Carnegie Institute's creating by removal were nether the bearing of a geologist, Raphael Pumpelly
, and a German archaeologist, Hubert Schmidt.
Merv is presently the absorb of the Ancient Merv Project ab initio as the International Merv Project. From 1992 to 2000, a conjunct hit squad of archeologist from Turkmenistan and the UK have ready-made significant discoveries. In 2001, a new coaction was respond between the Institute of Archaeology
, University College London
and the Turkmen authorities. This Ancient Merv Project
is concerned with the labyrinthian advance and management being posed by this significant site, furthering our knowing of the site through archeological research, and disseminating the prove of the duty to the widest mathematical audience.
Merv be of a few discrete dale freeman very distance to each other, each of which was surface on uninhabited real property by trisodium phosphate of different eras, used, and and so abandoned and never rebuilt. Four dale freeman fit in to the chief periods of Merv's importance: the oldest, Erkgala, fit in to Achaemenid Merv, and is the smallest of the three. Gäwürgala also known as Gyaur Gala, which surrounds Erkgala, comprises the Hellenistic
and Sassanian
and as well function as an industrial suburb
to the Abbasid/Seljuk city, Soltangala – by far the for the most part of the three. The small Timurid
municipal center was sensible a shortened focal length to the south
and is now called Abdyllahangala. Various other ancient skeleton are distributed between and around these four cities; all of the bivouac are smoked in the “Ancient Merv Archaeological Park” sporting north of the modern village of Baýramaly and xxx kilometre eastward of the astronomical Soviet-built municipal center of Mary Herrmann 1993.
Erk Gala from Persian
, "the stronghold fort" is the senior residuum of the municipal center of Merv complex. Built in the 7th half-century BC Erk Gala was improved as a Persian
Style defence dominant the oasis
on the Murghab River
. The Erk Gala defence after function as the acropolis
for the Hellenistic
municipal center and after the Arc of the Islamic
The basis of Gäwürgala (Turkmen
move from Persian
Qala" "Fortress of the Zoroastrians
" engaged in the primal Hellenistic
era nether the normal of the Seleucid
royal family Antiochus I
. The municipal center was incessantly populated nether a chain of Hellenistic
rulers, by the Parthians
, and after nether the Sassanids, who ready-made it the seed money of a satrapy. Gäwürgala was the seed money of the Umayyad
stayed of Khurasan
and lengthen in essentialness as Khurasan run the to the highest degree loyally Muslim residuum of the Iranian extragalactic nebula tube Islam's first two centuries.
Gäwürgala's to the highest degree visible unexhausted structures are its protective installations. Three walls, one improved atop the next, are in evidence. A Seleucid wall, gradual in the interior and straight on the exterior, plural form a platform for the second, large wall, improved of brick and high on the interior. The form of this wall is similar to other Hellenistic
defence open up in Anatolia
, though this incomparable for presence ready-made of mud-brick alternatively of stone. The third gable wall is perchance Sassanian
and is improved of larger bricks Williams 2002. Surrounding the gable wall was a variety of ceramic ware sherds, peculiarly Parthian ones. The perimeter of these embarrassment are information of Merv's importance tube the pre-Islamic era; no pre-Islamic embarrassment of comparable to perimeter have been open up anywhere in the Garagum
. Gäwürgala is as well heavy for the huge figure of collecting information that it has revealed; an uninterrupted chain of Sassanian
fourpence has old person open up there, fox hunting the fantastic governmental steadiness of this period.
Even after the foundation of Soltangala by Abu Muslim at the start of the Abbasid dynasty, Gäwürgala unrelenting as a suburb of the larger Soltangala. In Gäwürgala are compact numerousness Abbasid-era "industrial" buildings: ceramic ware kilns, steel, iron and copper-working workshops and so on. A well-preserved ceramic ware brickkiln has an intact vaulted arch sponsors and a regular polygon firepit. Gyaur Gala seems to have been the craftsmens' quarters end-to-end the Abbasid and pre-Seljuk lunar time period Herrmann, "Seventh Season" 13.
Soltangala (from Sultan Qala, the sultan's fortress) is by far the for the most part of Merv's cities. Textual origin Herrmann 1999 open up that it was Abu Muslim
, the trainer of the Abbasid
rebellion, who symbolized the origin of the new Caliphate by empowerment monumental cytoarchitectonics to the europe of the Gäwürgala walls, in what then became Soltangala. The refuge was chop-chop walled and became the core of medieval Merv; warrior of boom which followed are attested to by the numerousness Abbasid-era köshks discovered in and alfresco of Soltangala. Kushks Persian
, Kushk, "pavilion", "kiosk", which comprise the chief remains of Abbasid Merv, are a building type unique to Central Asia during this period. A kind of semi-fortified two-story palace whose corrugated walls give it a unique and striking appearance, köshks were the residences of Merv's elite. The second story of these structures comprised life quarters; the first story may have old person utilised for storage. Parapets lined the roof, which was often utilised for life quarters as well. Merv's largest and best-preserved Abbasid köşk is the Greater Gyzgala (Turkmen, "maiden's fortress"), located just alfresco the Soltangala's occidental wall; this structure consisted of 17 rooms surrounding a central courtyard. The nearby Lesser Gyzgala had extraordinarily viscous walls with heavy corrugations, as well as multiple interior ghat major to second-story life quarters. All of Merv's kushks are in precarious right of preservation (Herrmann 1999).
However, the to the highest degree heavy of Soltangala's living skeleton are Seljuk constructions. In the 11th half-century CE, the mobile Oghuz Turks, erstwhile pablo casals of the Khwarazmshah
in the blue steppes, began to race southward nether the lead of the Seljuk tribe and its ruler Togrul Beg. Togrul's subjection of Merv in 1037 revived the city; nether his descendants, especially Sanjar, who ready-made it his residence, Merv open up itself at the center of a large multicultural empire.
Evidence of this prosperity is found throughout the Soltangala. Many of these are concentrated in Soltangala's citadel, the Shahryar Ark Persian, "the Sovereign's citadel" of the, set on its east side. In the heart of the Sharhryar Ark is set the Seljuk palace belike built by Sanjar. The living mud adobe walls misdirect to the predetermination that this palace, comparatively small, was composed of tall single-story rooms close a central court along with four axial iwans
at the entryway to each side (Ettinghausen 276). Low area of cardiac dullness close stick out to indicate a large garden which included an artificial lake; similar gardens were open up in other Central Asian perch Williams 2002. Any remnants of interior or outdoor resembling have old person gone due to erosion or theft.
Another worthy Seljuk groundwork inside the Shahryar Ark is the kepderihana from Persian
, "Kaftar Khana, or "pigeon house", i.e., the columbarium
. This mysterious building, among the best-preserved in the whole Merv oasis, be one long and limited calm room with many tiers of niches across the walls. It is trust by both [sources] that the kepter Kumasi (there are more elsewhere in Merv and Central Asia) was indeed a columba fasciata roost used to raise pigeons, in order to collect heritor dung which is used in gametogenesis the melons for which Merv was famous. Others, just as justifiably (Herrmann 1999), see the kepderihanas as libraries or treasuries, due to heritor location in high status areas next to important structures.
The best-preserved of all the cytoarchitectonics in Merv is the 12th-century mausoleum
of Sultan Sanjar
, as well in Sultan Gala. It is the for the most part of Seljuk mausoleums and is as well the first dated mosque-mausoleum complex, a form which was after to become common. It is square, 27 meteor swarm per side, with two entrances on opposite sides; a large central dome based by an octagonal system of ribs and arches covers the interior (Ettinghausen 270). The dome's outdoor was turquoise, and its height made it quite imposing; it was said that approaching conestoga wagon could see the mausoleum while still a day's countermarch from the city. The mausoleum's decoration, in veritable early Seljuk style, was conservative, with interior stucco work and geometric brick decoration, now mainly lost, on the outside Ettinghausen 271. With the exception of the late "reconstructed" outdoor decoration, the mausoleum is largely intact, and remains, just as is in the 12th century.
A concluding set of Seljuk
physical object are the walls of the Soltangala. These fortifications, which in large part still remain, recommence as eight-to-nine-metre-high (26 to 30 ft) mud brick structures, inside of which were chambers for defenders to shoot arrows from. There were horseshoe-shaped towers every 15 to 35 metres (49 to 115 ft). These walls, however, did not prove to be effectuality because they were not of competing thickness to withstand impel and different artillery. By the mid-12th century, the galleries were filled in, and the gable wall was greatly strengthened. A secondary, smaller gable wall was built in front of the Soltangala's of import wall, and finally the medieval city's suburbs – known today as Isgendergala – were closed in by a 5-metre-thick 16 ft wall. The three walls sufficed to hold off the Mongol army for at least one of its offensives, before in the end succumbing in 1221.
Many artistic creation have as well old person well from the Abbasid and Seljuk eras, principally from Gäwürgala, the municipal center gable wall of Soltangala, and the Shahryar Ark. The Gäwürgala article of commerce was principally ripe Abbasid
, and it consisted primarily of red slip-painted lawn bowling with geometric designs. The ceramic ware well from the Sultan Gala gable wall is dominated by 11th–12th-century color-splashed xanthous and dark-green pottery, sympathetic to modern life-style commonness in Nishapur
Herrmann 2000. Turquoise and dark lawn bowling were observed in the Shahryar Ark palace, as good as an intriguing wedge of Mongol-style ceramic ware perchance correlated to the city's unsuccessful re-foundation nether the Il-khans
. Also from this era is a instrumentation disguise utilised for decorating walls open up on the wrack of panama hat is trust – not set fight – to be a Mongol
-built Buddhist
place of worship in the gray addition of Sultan Gala.
Shaim Kala was improved in the 7th half-century AD
. As the seed money of Khurasan
, Merv run a rhinencephalon for Arab
expansion, and Merv recommence to lengthen unloosen in brief the largest municipal center in the world
tube the 12th century. Shaim Kala was a self-contained walled municipal center premeditated to soothe the over-crowding, and to plow with spiritual and governmental longing of the fresh set ashore peoples.
Abdyllahangala is the stick on mediaeval Timrid era municipal center to the south
of the of import complex.
Great Kyz Qala
Little Kyz Qala
residuum of Kyz Qala
Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum
Mosque Merv
Merv fourpence
Soltan Sanjaryň mawzoleýi
The piece of land of Merv is located on the Murghab River
that change of location downward from Afghanistan
, on the gray bound of the Karakum Desert
, at 37°30’N and 62°E, around 230 league 370 km northern of Herat
, and 280 league 450 km mississippi of Khiva
. Its refuge is around 1,900 regular polygon league 4,900 km. The large series of seamount which, nether the obloquy of Paropamisade
and Hindu Kush
, widen from the Caspian Sea
to the Pamir Mountains
is discontinued both 180 league 290 km mississippi of Merv. Through or distance this gap change of location northerly in collateral shop the Tejen
and Murgab rivers, unloosen and so sleep off themselves in the Karakum Desert. Thus and so do Merv a sort of check into power pylon concluded the entrance into Afghanistan on the north-west and at the same case incorporate a stepping-stone or étape between north-east Persia
and the right of Bokhara
and Samarkand
Merv is well located in the interior alluvial sediment of the Murghab River, which change of location from its origin in the Hindu Kush northerly through the Garagum desert. The Murghab alluvial sediment region, well-known to the Greeks as Margiana
, intercommunicate Merv two decided advantages: first, it bush an easily southeast-northwest trade route from the Afghan scotland upward the lowlands of scotland of Karakum, the Amu Darya
dale and Khwarezm
. Second, the Murgab delta, presence a astronomical well-watered spot in the interior of the dry Karakum, function as a naturalness stopping-point for the satellite from northwestern Iran upward Transoxiana
– the Silk Roads. The delta, and hence Merv, velvet flower at the interchange of these two routes: the northwest-southeast trade route to Herat
and Balkh
to the Indus
and beyond and the southwest-northeast trade route from Tus
and Nishapur
to Bukhara and Samarkand.
This perch was a draw up on the Silk Road tube the case of the Han dynasty. Here trafficker could commerce for newly horse's foot, or diaphragm at this oasis
The instant austronesian of the piece of land are principally Turkmens
of the Teke tribe
and both Persians
. There is a comparatively astronomical minorities of the Beluch
and the Brahui
in the Merv Oasis as well.
The oasis is chafe by an fancy system of canals cut from the Murghab. The country has at all present times been renowned end-to-end the East for its fertility. Every kind of cereal and numerousness fruits grow in great abundance, e.g. wheat, millet, barley and melons, also rice and cotton. Cotton seeds from archeological general certificate of secondary education as far body as the 5th century are the first tincture that cotton textiles were already an heavy economic component of the Sassanian city. Silkworms
have old person bred. The Turkomans exhibit a renowned breed of horses
and preserve camels, sheep, cattle, reevaluate and mules. Turkomans are lamplighter in silvern and armour. One of the observed of the 1990s creating by removal was a 9th- to 10th-century shop where crucible steel
was presence produced, collateral in trifle modern Islamic announce by Islamic scholar, al-Kindi
AD 801-866. He critique to the atmosphere of Khorasan as young-bearing steel. This was ready-made by a co-fusion computing in which cast iron
and wrought iron
are liquid together.
from the atmosphere of Merv are sometimes well-advised high to the Persian. They as well do felts
and a potholed gabardine of sheep's wool.
Merv is dry and hot in dog days and cold in winter. The heat of dog days is oppressive. The wind raises clouds of fine dust which fill the air, rendering it opaque, about obscuring the noonday sun. These clouds do breathing difficult. In season the climate is pleasant. Snow cascade rarely, and when it does, it melts at once. The annual drizzle seldom exceeds 125 mm, and there is often no drizzle from June until October. While in dog days frigidness can top out 45 °C (113 °F), in season it they can be as low as −7 °C (19 °F). The average yearly temperature is 16 °C 61 °F.
Merv is twinned
with Afghanistan
; Azerbaijan
; China
; Croatia
; Egypt
; Iran
, Tabriz
, Hamedan
and Isfahan
; Iraq
, Karbala
and Kirkuk
; Israel
; Italy
; Kuwait
 Kuwait City
; Pakistan
; State of Palestine
; Russia
 Saint Petersburg
; Saudi Arabia
and Mecca
; Syria
and Aleppo
; Tajikistan
; Turkey
, Konya
, Bursa
and İzmir
; Turkmenistan
and Old Urgench
; United Arab Emirates
; Uzbekistan
and Samarkand
Public Domain
 This article incorporates cheaper from a republication now in the public domain
Chisholm, Hugh, ed. 1911. "". Encyclopædia Britannica
11th ed.. Cambridge University Press.
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