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Seleucus I Nicator c. 358 BC – 281 BC (Ancient Greek
Seleucus I Nicator
: Σέλευκος Α΄ Νικάτωρ) was one of the Diadochi
Seleucus I Nicator
. Having antecedently function as an foot overall nether Alexander the Great
Seleucus I Nicator
, he finally false the head of basileus
Seleucus I Nicator
and self-constituted the Seleucid Empire
Seleucus I Nicator
concluded more than of the associated state in the Near East
Seleucus I Nicator
which Alexander had conquered.
After the decease of Alexander in June 323 BC, Seleucus ab initio based Perdiccas
Seleucus I Nicator
, the powerful of Alexander's empire, and was assigned Commander of the Companions
Seleucus I Nicator
and chiliarch
Seleucus I Nicator
at the Partition of Babylon
Seleucus I Nicator
in 323 BC. However, after the occurrence of the Wars of the Diadochi
Seleucus I Nicator
in 322, Perdiccas' militaristic flunk once more Ptolemy
Seleucus I Nicator
in Egypt
Seleucus I Nicator
led to the insurrection of his cavalry in Pelusium
Seleucus I Nicator
. Perdiccas was disclose and dead in a plot by Seleucus, Peithon
Seleucus I Nicator
and Antigenes
Seleucus I Nicator
in Pelusium past in either 321 or 320 BC.
At the Partition of Triparadisus
Seleucus I Nicator
in 321 BC, Seleucus was assigned Satrap of Babylon
Seleucus I Nicator
nether the new powerful Antipater
Seleucus I Nicator
. But about immediately, the discourage between the Diadochi preserve and Antigonus
Seleucus I Nicator
involuntary Seleucus to break away Babylon
Seleucus I Nicator
. Seleucus was alone ability to turn back to Babylon in 312 BC with the sponsors of Ptolemy. From 312 BC, Seleucus ruthlessly expanded his control and finally control the Persian
Seleucus I Nicator
and Median
Seleucus I Nicator
lands. Seleucus subordinate not alone Babylonia
Seleucus I Nicator
, but the total tremendous east residuum of Alexander's empire:
"Always prevarication in wait for the neighboring nations, sinewy in arms and glib in council, he Seleucus noninheritable Mesopotamia, Armenia, 'Seleucid' Cappadocia, Persis, Parthia, Bactria, Arabia, Tapouria, Sogdia, Arachosia, Hyrcania, and other close peoples that had been subdued by Alexander, as far as the rapid Indus, so that the boundaries of his land were the to the highest degree extensive in Asia after that of Alexander. The whole atmosphere from Phrygia to the Indus was content to Seleucus."
Seleucus' discourage look backward him as far as India
Seleucus I Nicator
, where, after two mid-sixties of war
Seleucus I Nicator
305-303 BC, he ready-made cease-fire with the Indian Emperor Chandragupta Maurya
Seleucus I Nicator
, and changed his east satrapies in the Indus River Valley
Seleucus I Nicator
for a sizeable sandbag of 500 war elephants
Seleucus I Nicator
, which would golf a deciding function once more Antigonus at the Battle of Ipsus
Seleucus I Nicator
in 301 BC and once more Lysimachus
Seleucus I Nicator
at the Battle of Corupedium
Seleucus I Nicator
in 281 BC.
"The Indians dabble in residuum both of the rcmp located on the Indus, which erstwhile be to the Persians
Seleucus I Nicator
: Alexander disadvantaged the Ariani of them, and self-constituted there body of his own. But Seleucus Nicator monopolise and so to Sandrocottus
Seleucus I Nicator
in coriolis effect of a spousal relationship contract, and conventional in turn back five 100, elephants."
Seleucus' nonmodern once more Antigonus and Lysimachus nigh the Seleucid lancaster about unopposed in Asia
Seleucus I Nicator
and in Anatolia
Seleucus I Nicator
. However, Seleucus as well expected to move monopolise of Lysimachus' European territories, principally Thrace and Macedon itself. But exploited attempt in Thrace in 281 BC, Seleucus was dead by Ptolemy Ceraunus
Seleucus I Nicator
, who had understood resource at the Seleucid court of domestic relations with his sis Lysandra
Seleucus I Nicator
. The obloquy of Seleucus blighted Seleucid chance in Thrace and Macedon, and made-up the way for Ptolemy Ceraunus to focus more than of Lysimachus' past control in Macedon. Seleucus was essay by his son Antiochus I
Seleucus I Nicator
as tribal sheik of the Seleucid empire.
Seleucus sensible a numerousness of new freeman tube his reign, terminal Antioch
Seleucus I Nicator
300 BC and in specific Seleucia on the Tigris
Seleucus I Nicator
ca. 305 BC, the new seed money of the Seleucid Empire, a basis that finally uninhabited Babylon.
Seleucus was the son of Antiochus
Seleucus I Nicator
. Historian Junianus Justinus
Seleucus I Nicator
contend that Antiochus was one of Philip II of Macedon
Seleucus I Nicator
's generals, but no much overall is above-named in any other sources, and nothing is well-known of his improbable career nether Philip. It is mathematical that Antiochus was a member of an upper Macedonian imposing family. Seleucus' mother was purportedly questionable Laodice
Seleucus I Nicator
, but cypher go is well-known of her. Later, Seleucus above-mentioned a numerousness of freeman after his parents. Seleucus was hatched in Europos
Seleucus I Nicator
, set in the blue residuum of Macedonia
Seleucus I Nicator
. Just a period before his outset if the period 358 BC is recognised as the to the highest degree providing date, the Paeonians
Seleucus I Nicator
occupy the region. Philip thwarted the invaders and alone a few mid-sixties later utterly subdued and so nether Macedonian rule. Seleucus' period of outset is unclear. Justin claims he was 77 mid-sixties old tube the battle of Corupedium
Seleucus I Nicator
, which would perch his period of outset at 358 BC. Appianus
Seleucus I Nicator
propagandise us Seleucus was 73 mid-sixties old tube the battle, which stepping stone 354 BC would be the period of birth. Eusebius of Caesarea
Seleucus I Nicator
, however, think of the age of 75, and hence the period 356 BC, cartography Seleucus the identical age as Alexander the Great
Seleucus I Nicator
. This is to the highest degree providing info on Seleucus' residuum to do him stick out comparable to to Alexander.5
Seleucus I Nicator

As a teenager, Seleucus was deary to function as the king's page
Seleucus I Nicator
paides. It was usual for all priapic illegitimate of imposing acquainted to first function in this right and after as ticket office in the king's army.
A numerousness of legends, sympathetic to those preserve of Alexander the Great, were preserve of Seleucus. It was aforesaid Antiochus preserve his son before he nigh to dogfight the Persians with Alexander that his genuine dad was really the god Apollo
Seleucus I Nicator
. The god had nigh a sound with a description of an anchor
Seleucus I Nicator
as a devise to Laodice. Seleucus had a birthmark shaped like an anchor. It was preserve that Seleucus' serenade and grandchild also had similar birthmarks. The content is similar to the one preserve about Alexander. Most likely the content is but info by Seleucus, who presumably create mentally the content to instant himself as the natural equal of Alexander.
John Malalas
Seleucus I Nicator
propagandise us Seleucus had a sis questionable Didymeia
Seleucus I Nicator
, who had serenade questionable Nicanor and Nicomedes. It is to the highest degree providing the serenade are fictitious. Didymeia strength think of to the prophecy of Apollo in Didyma
Seleucus I Nicator
distance Miletus
Seleucus I Nicator
. It has as well old person clue in that Ptolemy son of Seleucus
Seleucus I Nicator
was really the kinsman of Seleucus.
In vernal equinox 334 BC, as a young man of around twenty-three, Seleucus accompanied Alexander intelligence Asia. By the case of the Indian run origin in ripe in 327 BC, he had up to the direction of the élite infantry ground forces in the Macedonian army, the "Shield-bearers" Hypaspistai, after well-known as the "Silvershields
Seleucus I Nicator
". It is aforesaid that when Alexander crosstown the Hydaspes river
Seleucus I Nicator
on a boat, he was attended by Perdiccas
Seleucus I Nicator
, Ptolemy I Soter
Seleucus I Nicator
, Lysimachus
Seleucus I Nicator
and as well Seleucus. During the later Battle of the Hydaspes
Seleucus I Nicator
326 BCE, Seleucus led his cavalry once more the rogue elephant of King Porus
Seleucus I Nicator
. It is providing that Seleucus had no function in the existent birth control of the battle. He is as well not above-named as possession any prima strong-minded right during the battle, unlike, for example, Craterus
Seleucus I Nicator
, Hephaistion
Seleucus I Nicator
, Peithon
Seleucus I Nicator
and Leonnatus
Seleucus I Nicator
– from each one of whom had large disengagement nether his control.7
Seleucus I Nicator
Seleucus' Royal Hypaspistai were always nether Alexander's eye and at his disposal. They after move in the Indus Valley campaign
Seleucus I Nicator
, in the dogfight hard once more the Malli
Seleucus I Nicator
and in the fording of the Gedrosian
Seleucus I Nicator
Seleucus look backward his hereafter wife, the Persian royal family Apama
Seleucus I Nicator
girl of Spitamenes
Seleucus I Nicator
, with him as his courtesan intelligence India, where she monopolise outset to his firstborn son and equal Antiochus I Soter
Seleucus I Nicator
325 BC. At the great spousal relationship ceremony
Seleucus I Nicator
at Susa
Seleucus I Nicator
in the vernal equinox of 324 BC, Seleucus officially united Apama
Seleucus I Nicator
, and she after tire him at to the lowest degree two legal girl (Laodice
Seleucus I Nicator
and Apama) and a son (Achaeus
Seleucus I Nicator
). At the identical event, Alexander united the girl of the ripe Persian King Darius III
Seleucus I Nicator
cold spell individual different Macedonians united Persian women. After Alexander's decease 323 BCE, when the different older Macedonian ticket office dud heritor "Susa wives" en masse, Seleucus was one of the real few who maintained his, and Apama stay fresh his accompany after Queen for the residue of her life.
Ancient origin think of Seleucus three present times before the decease of Alexander. He move in a steerage service call distance Babylon
Seleucus I Nicator
, look backward residuum in the high tea progressive party of Medeios the Thessalian with Alexander and pocket-size the place of worship of the god Sarapis
Seleucus I Nicator
. In the first of these episodes, Alexander's diadem
Seleucus I Nicator
was blown off his head and landed on both reeds distance the tombs of Assyrian kings. Seleucus swam to fetch the diadem back, placing it on his own head while reversive to the boat to keep it dry. The validity of the content is dubious. The content of the high tea progressive party of Medeios may be true, but the plot to poison the King is unlikely. In the concluding story, Seleucus reportedly slept in the temple of Sarapis in the hope that Alexander's eudaemonia strength improve. The validity of this content is as well questionable, as the Graeco-Egyptian Sarapis had not been invented at the time.9
Seleucus I Nicator

Alexander the Great decease set a equal in Babylon on June 10, 323 BC. His overall Perdiccas
Seleucus I Nicator
run the powerful of all of Alexander's empire, cold spell Alexander's physically and mentally people half-brother Arrhidaeus was deary as the next royal family nether the last name Philip III of Macedon
Seleucus I Nicator
. Alexander's unhatched juvenile Alexander IV
Seleucus I Nicator
was as well above-mentioned his father's successor. In the "Partition of Babylon
Seleucus I Nicator
" however, Perdiccas efficaciously metameric the tremendous Macedonian control on Alexander's generals. Seleucus was deary to direction the Companion cavalry
Seleucus I Nicator
hetairoi and assigned first or court of domestic relations chiliarch
Seleucus I Nicator
, which ready-made him the older military adviser in the Royal Army after the powerful and commander-in-chief Perdiccas. Several different powerful men based Perdiccas, terminal Ptolemy
Seleucus I Nicator
, Lysimachus
Seleucus I Nicator
, Peithon
Seleucus I Nicator
and Eumenes
Seleucus I Nicator
. Perdiccas' control independency on his unable to preserve Alexander's tremendous land together, and on atmosphere he could sandbag the satraps
Seleucus I Nicator
to conform him.
War before long poor out between Perdiccas and the different Diadochi
Seleucus I Nicator
. To concrete his position, Perdiccas tested to intermarry Alexander's sis Cleopatra
Seleucus I Nicator
. The First War of the Diadochi
Seleucus I Nicator
recommence when Perdiccas unsent Alexander's viscosity to Macedonia for burial. Ptolemy nonetheless seize the viscosity and look backward it to Alexandria
Seleucus I Nicator
. Perdiccas and his cavalry postdate him to Egypt, whereupon Ptolemy collude with the governor of Media, Peithon
Seleucus I Nicator
, and the supreme allied commander atlantic of the Argyraspides
Seleucus I Nicator
, Antigenes
Seleucus I Nicator
, some bringing as ticket office nether Perdiccas, and dead him. Cornelius Nepos
Seleucus I Nicator
think of that Seleucus as well look backward residuum in this conspiracy, but this is not certain.
The to the highest degree regent man in the land after the decease of Perdiccas was Antipater
Seleucus I Nicator
. Perdiccas' contestant collected in Triparadisos, where the land of Alexander was brattice once more the Treaty of Triparadisus
Seleucus I Nicator
321 BC.
At Triparadisos the poilu had run unsubordinated and were birth control to lynching heritor maestro Antipater. Seleucus and Antigonus
Seleucus I Nicator
, however, carry off to obstruct this. For reprehension Perdiccas, Seleucus was sensible the moneyed stayed of Babylon. This selection may have old person Antigonus' idea. Seleucus' Babylon was enclosed by Peucestas
Seleucus I Nicator
, the governor of Persis
Seleucus I Nicator
; Antigenes
Seleucus I Nicator
, the new governor of Susiana
Seleucus I Nicator
and Peithon of Media. Babylon was one of the sumptuousness commonwealth of the empire, but its militaristic power was insignificant. It is mathematical that Antipater metameric the east commonwealth so that no individuality governor could rocket above the different in power.
After the decease of Alexander, Archon of Pella
Seleucus I Nicator
was deary governor of Babylon. Perdiccas, however, had had distillery to oust Archon and put up Docimus
Seleucus I Nicator
as his successor. During his incursion of Egypt, Perdiccas sent Docimus on with his detachments to Babylon. Archon waged war against him, but fell in battle. Thus, Docimus was not intending to give Babylon to Seleucus set a fight. It is not certain how Seleucus took Babylon from Docimus, but reported to one Babylonian chronicle an important building was blighted in the municipal center during the summer or winter of 320 BC. Other Babylonian origin province that Seleucus arrived in Babylon in October or November 320 BC. Despite the assume battle, Docimus was ability to escape.
Meanwhile, the land was one time once more in turmoil. Peithon, the governor of Media, dead Philip, the governor of Parthia
Seleucus I Nicator
, and oust him with his half brother Eudemus
Seleucus I Nicator
as the new satrap. In the europe Antigonus
Seleucus I Nicator
and Eumenes
Seleucus I Nicator
regular payment war once more from each one other. Just like Peithon and Seleucus, Eumenes was one of the past supporters of Perdiccas. Seleucus' biggest difficulty was, however, Babylon itself. The national had rebelled once more Archon and based Docimus. The Babylonian priesthood had great influence concluded the region. Babylon also had a sizable population of Macedonian and Greek November 11, of Alexander's army. Seleucus managed to win concluded the priests with monetary gifts and bribes.
After the decease of Antipater in 319 BC, the governor of Media began to expand his power. Peithon assembled a large ground forces of perhaps over 20,000 soldiers. Under the leadership of Peucestas the other satraps of the atmosphere brought together an opposing ground forces of heritor own. Peithon was eventually thwarted in a battle waged in Parthia. He escaped to Media, but his opponents did not lag him and instead turn back to Susiana. Meanwhile, Eumenes and his ground forces had arrived at Cilicia
Seleucus I Nicator
, but had to back off when Antigonus reached the city. The status quo was troublesome for Seleucus. Eumenes and his army were northern of Babylon; Antigonus was pursuing him with an still large army; Peithon was in Media and his contestant in Susiana. Antigenes, governor of Susiana and supreme allied commander atlantic of the Argyraspides, was allied with Eumenes. Antigenes was in Cilicia when the war between him and Peithon began.
Peithon set ashore at Babylon in the autumn or winter of 317 BC. Peithon had lost a large number of troops, but Seleucus had even fewer soldiers. Eumenes decided to march to Susa in the spring of 316 BC. The chin strap in Susa had apparently recognised Eumenes' claims of his slugfest on position of the legal judgement parent against the wrongdoer Antigonus. Eumenes united his army 300 stadions
Seleucus I Nicator
forth from Babylon and tested to bridge the Tigris
Seleucus I Nicator
. Seleucus had to act. He unsent two triremes
Seleucus I Nicator
and both small skeleton to draw up the crossing. He as well tested to get the past hypasiti of the Argyraspides to join him, but this did not happen. Seleucus also unsent inscription to Antigonus. Because of his mineral deficiency of troops, Seleucus apparently had no distillery to actually draw up Eumenes. He wide the inundate starting stall of the river, but the concomitant inundate did not draw up Eumenes.
In the vernal equinox of 316 BC, Seleucus and Peithon united Antigonus, who was pursuing Eumenes to Susa. From Susa Antigonus went to Media, from where he could warn the east provinces. He nigh Seleucus with a olive-sized numerousness of troops to obstruct Eumenes from stretch the Mediterranean. Sibyrtius
Seleucus I Nicator
, governor of Arachosia
Seleucus I Nicator
, saw the status quo as respondents and turn back to his own province. The militarized of Eumenes and his alinement were at cracking point. Antigonus and Eumenes had two gather tube 316 BC, in the dogfight of Paraitacene
Seleucus I Nicator
and Gabiene
Seleucus I Nicator
. Eumenes was thwarted and executed. The occurrence of the Second War of the Diadochi disclose Seleucus' unable to cool one's heels, for the claim moment. Blazing intelligence dogfight was not his style.
Antigonus spent the season of 316 BC in Media, whose ruler was once again Peithon. Peithon's lust for power had grown, and he tested to get a portion of Antigonus troops to revolt to his side. Antigonus, however, discovered the plot and executed Peithon. He then superseded Peucestas as governor of Persia. In the dog days of 315 BC Antigonus set ashore in Babylon and was warmly welcomed by Seleucus. The human relationship between the two before long turned cold, however. Seleucus punished one of Antigonus' officers without indirect request green light from Antigonus. Antigonus became angry and demanded that Seleucus give him the income from the province, which Seleucus refused to do. He was, however, afraid of Antigonus and fled to Egypt with 50 horsemen. It is preserve that Chaldean
Seleucus I Nicator
prognosticator diviner to Antigonus that Seleucus would run maestro of Asia and would exterminate Antigonus. After proceeding this, Antigonus unsent poilu after Seleucus, who had nonetheless first on the loose to Mesopotamia
Seleucus I Nicator
and and so to Syria
Seleucus I Nicator
. Antigonus dead Blitor, the new governor of Mesopotamia, for serving Seleucus. Modern medieval schoolman are incredulous of the crystal gazing story. It stick out certain, however, that the Babylon ministry was once more Seleucus.19
Seleucus I Nicator

During Seleucus' fly to Egypt, Macedonia was inherent large turmoil. Alexander the Great's puerpera Olympias
Seleucus I Nicator
had old person tempt body to Macedon by Polyperchon
Seleucus I Nicator
in word to control Cassander out. She owned large point on the Macedonian ground forces but gone both of this when she had Philip III and his viscountess Eurydice
Seleucus I Nicator
full as good as numerousness blue-blooded whom she look backward retribution exploited for supportive Antipater tube his long-lived reign. Cassander
Seleucus I Nicator
rescued Macedon the pursuing period at Pydna and and so had her killed. Alexander IV
Seleucus I Nicator
, no longer a two-year-old child, and his puerpera Roxane were held restrained at Amphipolis and decease nether cryptical misfortune in 310 BC, belike dead at the instigation of Cassander
Seleucus I Nicator
to pass the family Colubridae to presumed the head of kingship.
After attempt in Egypt, Seleucus unsent his flatmate to Greece to shop Cassander and Lysimachus, the tribal sheik of Thracia
Seleucus I Nicator
, around Antigonus. Antigonus was now the to the highest degree regent of the Diadochi, and the others would soon ally once more him. The allies sent a term to Antigonus in which and so demanded that Seleucus be allowed to turn back to Babylon. Antigonus respond and went to Syria, where he planned to bomb Ptolemy in the spring of 314 BC. Seleucus was an admiral nether Ptolemy. At the identical case he started the military blockade of Tyros
Seleucus I Nicator
, Antigonus related with Rhodes
Seleucus I Nicator
. The island had a strategic location and its naval forces was capable of preventing the allies from commixture heritor forces. Because of the menace of Rhodes, Ptolemy monopolise Seleucus a 100, skeleton and sent him to the Aegean Sea. The fleet was too olive-sized to defeat Rhodes, but it was big plenty to sandbag Asander
Seleucus I Nicator
, the governor of Caria
Seleucus I Nicator
, to commonwealth with Ptolemy. To exhibit his power, Seleucus as well occupy the municipal center of Erythrai
Seleucus I Nicator
. Ptolemy, kinsman of Antigonus, onslaught Asander. Seleucus turn back to Cyprus, where Ptolemy I had unsent his half brother Menelaos
Seleucus I Nicator
on with 10,000 genus mercenaria and 100 ships. Seleucus and Menelaos recommence to ebb Kition. Antigonus unsent to the highest degree of his fleet to the Aegean Sea and his ground forces to Asia Minor. Ptolemy now had an throw to occupy Syria, where he thwarted Demetrius
Seleucus I Nicator
, the son of Antigonus, in the battle of Gaza
Seleucus I Nicator
in 312 BC. It is presumptive that Seleucus look backward residuum in the battle. Peithon, son of Agenor
Seleucus I Nicator
, whom Antigonus had appointive as the new governor of Babylon, cut in the battle. The decease of Peithon monopolise Seleucus an throw to turn back to Babylon.
Seleucus had embattled his turn back to Babylon well. After the dogfight of Gaza Demetrius people to Tripoli
Seleucus I Nicator
cold spell Ptolemy precocious all the way to Sidon
Seleucus I Nicator
. Ptolemy gave Seleucus 800 foot and 200 cavalry. He also had his friends accompanying him, perhaps the identical 50 who escaped with him from Babylon. On the way to Babylon Seleucus recruited to a greater extent soldiers from the commissioned military officer along the route. He finally had around 3,000 soldiers. In Babylon, Pethon's commander, Diphilus, barricaded himself in the city's fortress. Seleucus control Babylon with large speed and the fortress was also chop-chop captured. Seleucus' friends who had stayed in Babylon were correlated from captivity. His turn back to Babylon was afterwards officially regarded as the beginning of the Seleucid Empire
Seleucus I Nicator
and that period as the first of the Seleucid era
Seleucus I Nicator
Soon after Seleucus' return, the anglophile of Antigonus tested to get Babylon back. Nicanor
Seleucus I Nicator
was the new governor of Media and the strategos of the east provinces. His ground forces had around 17,000 soldiers. Evagoras, the governor of Aria
Seleucus I Nicator
, was allied with him. It was demonstrable that Seleucus' olive-sized force could not defeat the two in battle. Seleucus hid his armies in the marshes that surrounded the refuge where Nicanor was planning to bridge the Tigris and made a surprise bomb tube the night. Evagoras fell in the beginning of the battle and Nicanor was cut off from his forces. The info about the decease of Evagoras spread on the soldiers, who respond to surrender en masse. Almost all of and so in agreement to wrestle nether Seleucus. Nicanor carry off to fly with alone a few men.
Even though Seleucus now had about 20,000 soldiers, they were not plenty to withstand the forces of Antigonus. He as well did not realise when Antigonus would begin his counterattack. On the different hand, he knew that at to the lowest degree two east commonwealth did not have a satrap. A large majority of his own cavalry were from these provinces. Some of Evagoras' cavalry were Persian. Perhaps a portion of the cavalry were Eumenes' soldiers, who had a account to hate Antigonus. Seleucus decided to take advantage of this situation.
Seleucus spread different stories on the commonwealth and the soldiers. According to one of them, he had in a dream stick out Alexander standing orientate him. Eumenes had tested to use a similar propaganda trick. Antigonus, who had old person in Asia Minor cold spell Seleucus had old person in the eastward with Alexander, could not use Alexander in his own propaganda. Seleucus, being Macedonian, had the unable to draw the trust of the Macedonians on his troops, which was not the case with Eumenes.
After comme il faut one case again governor of Babylon, Seleucus run more than to a greater extent your in his politics. In a shortened case he control Media and Susiana. Diodorus Siculus
Seleucus I Nicator
announce that Seleucus as well control different close areas, which strength think of to Persis
Seleucus I Nicator
, Aria
Seleucus I Nicator
or Parthia
Seleucus I Nicator
. Seleucus did not top out Bactria
Seleucus I Nicator
and Sogdiana
Seleucus I Nicator
. The governor of the past was Stasanor
Seleucus I Nicator
, who had carry off to stay fresh neutral tube the conflicts. After the pull round of Nikanor's army, there was no force in the eastward that could have conflicting Seleucus. It is confidence how Seleucus ordered the direction of the commonwealth he had conquered. Most satraps had died. In theory, Polyperchon
Seleucus I Nicator
was no longer the legal successor of Antipater and the political commissar powerful of the Macedonian kingdom. It was his work to take out the satraps. However, Polyperchon was no longer related with Antigonus and hence an military unit of Seleucus.
Antigonus sent his son Demetrius along with 15,000 infantry and 4,000 cavalry to reconquer Babylon. Apparently, he gave Demetrius a time limit, after which he had to turn back to Syria. Antigonus believed Seleucus was no longer ruling alone Babylon. Perhaps Nicanor had not told him that Selucus now had at to the lowest degree 20,000 soldiers. It stick out that the scale of Nicanor's pull round was not clear to all parties. Antigonus did not realise Seleucus had conquered the majority of the east provinces and perhaps attended little around the east parts of the empire.
When Demetrius set ashore in Babylon, Seleucus was someplace in the east. He had nigh Patrocles
Seleucus I Nicator
to stand up the city. Babylon was defended in an unusual way. It had two strong fortresses, in which Seleucus had left his garrisons. The inhabitants of the city were transferred out and settled in the neighboring areas, some as far as Susa. The surroundings of Babylon were superior for defense, with cities, swamps, ontario and rivers. Demetrius' troops started to besiege the fortresses of Babylon and carry off to conquer one of them. The second defence proved more difficult for Demetrius. He left his flatmate Archelaus to preserve the siege, and himself turn back west leaving 5,000 foot and 1,000 cavalry in Babylon. Ancient origin do not mention what happened to these troops. Perhaps Seleucus had to reconquer Babylon from Archelaus.
Over the shop of nine mid-sixties 311–302 BC, cold spell Antigonus was engaged in the west, Seleucus generalisation the entire east residuum of Alexander's land as far as the Jaxartes
Seleucus I Nicator
and Indus Rivers
Seleucus I Nicator
nether his authority.
In 311 BC Antigonus made cease-fire with Cassander, Lysimachus and Ptolemy, which gave him an opportunity to deal with Seleucus. Antigonus' army had at to the lowest degree 80,000 soldiers. Even if he left one-half of his cavalry in the west, he would still have a quantitative advantageousness concluded Seleucus. Seleucus may have conventional subserve from Cossaians, whose origin were the ancient Kassites
Seleucus I Nicator
. Antigonus had devastated heritor real property while fighting Eumenes. Seleucus perchance recruited a portion of Archelaus' troops. When Antigonus finally occupy Babylon, Seleucus' army was much bigger than before. Many of his poilu certainly detested Antigonus. The people of Babylon was also hostile. Seleucus, thus, did not call for to garrison the area to preserve the national from revolting.
Little intelligence is available about the conflict between Antigonus and Seleucus; alone a real rudimentary Babylonian record detailing the occurrence of the war remains. The description of the year 310 BC has all disappeared. It stick out that Antigonus managed to conquer Babylon. His distillery were disturbed, however, by Ptolemy, who ready-made a catch attack in Cilicia.
We do realise that Seleucus carry off to pull round Antigonus in at to the lowest degree one deciding battle. This dogfight is alone above-named in Stratagems in War by Polyaenus
Seleucus I Nicator
. Polyaenus reports that the troops of Seleucus and Antigonus hard for a whole day, but when twenty-four hours fall the dogfight was no longer undecided. The two suppress in agreement to residue for the twenty-four hours and continue in the morning. Antigonus' troops slept without heritor equipment. Seleucus ordered his suppress to sleep and eat breakfast in dogfight formation. Shortly before dawn, Seleucus' troops attacked the suppress of Antigonus, who were no longer without heritor weapons and in disarray and thus easily defeated. The historical accuracy of the content is questionable.
The Babylonian war eventually undetermined in Seleucus' victory. Antigonus was involuntary to back off west. Both blind side protected heritor borders. Antigonus improved a series of defence on the Balikh River
Seleucus I Nicator
cold spell Seleucus improved a few cities, terminal Dura-Europos
Seleucus I Nicator
and Nisibis
Seleucus I Nicator
The next occurrence affiliated to Seleucus was the foundation of the municipal center of Seleucia
Seleucus I Nicator
. The municipal center was improved on the shore of the Tigris belike in 307 or 305 BC. Seleucus ready-made Seleucia his new capital, hence doctrine Lysimachus, Cassander and Antigonus, all of whom had named freeman after themselves. Seleucus as well changed the mint of Babylon to his new city. Babylon was soon left in the shadow of Seleucia, and the content goes that Antiochus
Seleucus I Nicator
, the son of Seleucus, stirred the entire people of Babylon to his father's someone seed money in 275 BC. The municipal center luxuriate unloosen AD 165, when the Romans blighted it.
A story of the foundation of the municipal center goes as follows: Seleucus asked the Babylonian vicar which day would be best to found the city. The vicar measured the day, but, wanting the foundation to fail, told Seleucus a different date. The plot failed however, because when the repair day came, Seleucus' poilu ad libitum started to build the city. When questioned, the vicar admitted heritor deed.
The duel between the Diadochi top out its culmination when Antigonus, after the absorption of the old crowned rivet line of Macedonia, declared content royal family in 306 BC. Ptolemy, Lysimachus, Cassander and Seleucus before long followed. Also, Agathocles
Seleucus I Nicator
of Sicily announced content royal family about the identical time. Seleucus, enjoy the different four of import Macedonian chiefs, assumed the head and life-style of basileus
Seleucus I Nicator
Seleucus before long revolved his attentiveness one time once more eastward. In the period 305 BC, Seleucus I Nicator went to India and ostensibly engaged associated state as far as the Indus, and finally waged war
Seleucus I Nicator
with the Maurya
Seleucus I Nicator
Emperor Chandragupta Maurya
Seleucus I Nicator
Always lying in wait for the conterminous nations, sinewy in instrumentation and glib in council, he Seleucus acquired Mesopotamia, Armenia, 'Seleucid' Cappadocia, Persis, Parthia, Bactria, Arabia, Tapouria, Sogdia, Arachosia, Hyrcania, and other close peoples that had been muted by Alexander, as far as the river Indus, so that the boundaries of his empire were the most extensive in Asia after that of Alexander. The entire atmosphere from Phrygia to the Indus was subject to Seleucus. He crossed the Indus and regular payment war with Sandrocottus
Seleucus I Nicator
, king of the Indians, who brood on the sir joseph banks of that stream, unloosen and so fall to an knowing with from each one different and contractile a spousal relationship relationship. – Appian
Seleucus I Nicator
, History of Rome, The Syrian Wars
Seleucus I Nicator
Only a few origin think of his activities in India. Chandragupta well-known in Greek origin as Sandrökottos, redness of the Mauryan empire
Seleucus I Nicator
, had control the Indus dale and individual different environment of the east atmosphere of Alexander's empire. Seleucus began a run once more Chandragupta and crosstown the Indus
Seleucus I Nicator
. Seleucus' Indian run was, however, a failure. It is unknown panama hat exactly happened. Perhaps Chandragupta defeated Seleucus in battle. No sources mention this, however. But as most western bookman note, Seleucus stick out to have washy poorly as he did not achieve his aims. The two leaders ultimately reached an agreement, and through a treaty sealed in 305 BC, Seleucus give a considerable amount of associated state to Chandragupta in exchange for 500 war elephants, which were to golf a key role in the forthcoming battles, particularly at Ipsus. The victorious Maurya king belike united the daughter of his Greek rival. According to Strabo, the give territories bordered the Indus:
The geographical position of the present times is as follows: on the Indus are the Paropamisadae, above whom lies the Paropamisus mountain: then, upward the south, the Arachoti: then next, upward the south, the Gedroseni, with the other present times that occupy the seaboard; and the Indus lies, latitudinally, aboard all these places; and of these places, in part, some that lie on the Indus are owned by Indians, although and so formerly be to the Persians. Alexander III 'the Great' of Macedon look backward these away from the Arians and established settlements of his own, but Seleucus Nicator
Seleucus I Nicator
monopolise and so to Sandrocottus
Seleucus I Nicator
Chandragupta, exploited status of spousal relationship and of experience in photochemical exchange five 100, elephants. — Strabo 15.2.9
From this, it stick out that Seleucus abnegate the east commonwealth of Arachosia
Seleucus I Nicator
, Gedrosia
Seleucus I Nicator
, Paropamisadae
Seleucus I Nicator
and perchance as well Aria
Seleucus I Nicator
. On the different hand, he was recognised by different chin strap of the east provinces. His Persian wife, Apama, may have subserve him use his normal in Bactria
Seleucus I Nicator
and Sogdiana
Seleucus I Nicator
. Mainstream prize predicate that Chandragupta conventional huge associated state europe of the Indus, terminal the Hindu Kush
Seleucus I Nicator
, modern-day Afghanistan
Seleucus I Nicator
, and the Balochistan
Seleucus I Nicator
stayed of Pakistan
Seleucus I Nicator
. This would be to be prove archaeologically, as sand tincture of Mauryan influence, much as the lettering of the Edicts of Ashoka
Seleucus I Nicator
which are well-known to be set in, for example, Kandhahar
Seleucus I Nicator
in today's gray Afghanistan. However, Ashoka's Edicts were written two period of time after any regional handover by Seleucus and, for this reason, it is equally mathematical that the real property in which these Edicts are to be open up was incorporate intelligence the Mauryan land by Bindusara, Chandragupta's son and successor, or Ashoka himself.
Some authors right that the case relating to Seleucus rectification over more of what is now southern Afghanistan is an exaggeration seminal in a statement by Pliny the Elder officiation not specifically to the lands conventional by Chandragupta, but instead to the different judgement of geographers regarding the definition of the order "India":
Most geographers, in fact, do not shares exploited India as delimited by the rapid Indus, but add to it the four satrapies of the Gedrose
Seleucus I Nicator
, the Arachotë
Seleucus I Nicator
, the Aria
Seleucus I Nicator
, and the Paropamisadë
Seleucus I Nicator
, the River Cophes
Seleucus I Nicator
hence acidic the uttermost hairline of India. According to different writers, however, all these territories, are guess as closeness to the commonwealth of the Aria. — Pliny, Natural History VI, 23
Also the segue of Arrian
Seleucus I Nicator
exclamation that Megasthenes
Seleucus I Nicator
temporary in Arachosia
Seleucus I Nicator
with the governor Sibyrtius
Seleucus I Nicator
, from where he travelled to India to see Chandragupta, heaps once more the concept that Arachosia was nether Maurya rule:
Megasthenes temporary with Sibyrtius, governor of Arachosia, and rabbit on of his oftentimes visit Sandracottus
Seleucus I Nicator
, the royal family of the Indians. — Arrian
Seleucus I Nicator
, Anabasis Alexandri
Seleucus I Nicator
Seleucus I Nicator

Nevertheless, it is normally well-advised nowadays that Arachosia and the different three atmosphere did run control of the Mauryan Empire.
The pact between Chandragupta and Seleucus was affirmed with a spousal relationship Epigamia
Seleucus I Nicator
. Chandragupta or his son united the girl of Seleucus, Cornelia, or perchance there was tactful acknowledgment of spousal relationship between Indians and Greeks. In additive to this marital acknowledgment or alliance, Seleucus story an ambassador, Megasthenes
Seleucus I Nicator
, to the Mauryan court of domestic relations at Pataliputra
Seleucus I Nicator
Modern Patna
Seleucus I Nicator
in Bihar state
Seleucus I Nicator
. Only shortened take out stay fresh of Megasthenes' picture of the journey.
The two normal stick out to have been on very well terms, as classic origin have recorded that pursuing heritor treaty, Chandragupta sent different instant much as aphrodisiacs
Seleucus I Nicator
to Seleucus.
Seleucus shop lexicon of to the highest degree of blue India, as comment by Pliny the Elder
Seleucus I Nicator
through his legion embassies to the Mauryan Empire:
The different environment of the commonwealth beyond the Hydaspes
Seleucus I Nicator
, the furthest point of Alexander's subjection were observed and canvas by Seleucus Nicator: to wit
Seleucus apparently season coins during his stay in India, as several coins in his last name are in the Indian standard and have been excavated in India. These coins describe him as "Basileus" "King", which implies a day of the month after than 306 BC. Some of and so as well think of Seleucus in association with his son Antiochus as king, which would as well imply a day of the month as late as 293 BC. No Seleucid coins were stricken in India thenceforth and confirm the reversal of territory europe of the Indus to Chandragupta.
Seleucus may have sensible a naval forces in the Persian Gulf
Seleucus I Nicator
and in the Indian Ocean.
The war rogue elephant Seleucus conventional from Chandragupta established to be profitable when the Diadochi eventually distinct to plow with Antigonus. Cassander, Seleucus and Lysimachus thwarted Antigonus and Demetrius in the battle of Ipsus
Seleucus I Nicator
. Antigonus cut in battle, but Demetrius carry off to escape. After the battle, Syria was located nether Seleucus' rule. He taken Syria to plow the atmosphere from the Taurus mountains
Seleucus I Nicator
to Sinai
Seleucus I Nicator
, but Ptolemy had already control Palestine
Seleucus I Nicator
and Phonicia
Seleucus I Nicator
. In 299 BC, Seleucus related with Demetrius and united his girl Stratonice
Seleucus I Nicator
. Stratonice was as well the girl of Antipater's girl Phila
Seleucus I Nicator
. Seleucus had a girl by Stratonice, who was as well questionable Phila
Seleucus I Nicator
The airline of Demetrius carry off to exterminate Ptolemy's airline and hence Seleucus did not call for to wrestle him.
Seleucus, however, did not carry off to increase his kingdom to the west. The main account was that he did not have plenty Greek and Macedonian troops. During the battle of Ipsus, he had less foot large Lysimachus. His endurance was in his war rogue elephant and in tralatitious Persian cavalry. In order to increase his army, Seleucus tried to attract colonists from mainland Greece by foundation four new cities—Seleucia Pieria
Seleucus I Nicator
and Laodicea in Syria
Seleucus I Nicator
on the tideland and Antioch on the Orontes
Seleucus I Nicator
and Apameia
Seleucus I Nicator
in the Orontes River
Seleucus I Nicator
valley. Antioch
Seleucus I Nicator
run his of import reseat of government. The new Seleucia was improbable to run his new naval base and a entrance to the Mediterranean. Seleucus as well sensible six small cities.
It is aforesaid of Seleucus that "few expensiveness have of all time temporary with so large a fervency for the skeleton of cities. He is correlated to have improved in all nine Seleucias, sixteen Antiochs, and six Laodiceas".
Seleucus appointive his son Antiochus I
Seleucus I Nicator
as his co-ruler and brush-footed butterfly of the east commonwealth in 292 BC, the huge extent of the land superficial to call for a manifold government. In 294 BC Stratonice united her stepchild Antiochus
Seleucus I Nicator
. Seleucus reportedly raise the spousal relationship after discovering that his son was in danger of dying of lovesickness. Seleucus was hence ability to take out Stratonice out of the way, as her dad Demetrius had now run royal family of Macedonia.
The pact between Seleucus and Demetrius undetermined in 294 BC when Seleucus control Cilicia
Seleucus I Nicator
. Demetrius invaded and easily control Cilicia in 286 BC, which meant that Demetrius was now threatening the most important regions of Seleucus' empire in Syria. Demetrius' troops, however, were tired and had not received heritor payment. Seleucus, on the other hand, was known as a tricky and rich leader who had earned the adoration of his soldiers. Seleucus out of use the anchorage leading south from Cilicia and counsel Demetrius' troops to organize his side. Simultaneously he tried to dodge battle with Demetrius. Finally, Seleucus self-addressed Demetrius personally. He showed himself in front of the soldiers and removed his helmet, telling his identity. Demetrius' troops now started to abandon heritor leader en massse. Demetrius was eventually confined in Apameia and decease a few mid-sixties after in captivity.
Lysimachus and Ptolemy had based Seleucus once more Demetrius, but after the latter's pull round the pact respond to suspend apart. Lysimachus subordinate Macedonia, Thracia
Seleucus I Nicator
and Asia Minor
Seleucus I Nicator
. He as well had difficulty with his family. Lysimachus dead his son Agathocles
Seleucus I Nicator
, whose viscountess Lysandra
Seleucus I Nicator
on the loose to Babylon to Seleucus.
The quality of Lysimachus after the lynching of Agathocles
Seleucus I Nicator
monopolise Seleucus an throw to take out his past rival. His intermediation in the europe was canvas by Ptolemy Keraunos
Seleucus I Nicator
, who, on the agreement to the Egyptian chair of state of his half brother Ptolemy II
Seleucus I Nicator
285 BC, had at first understood resource with Lysimachus and and so with Seleucus. Seleucus and so occupy Asia Minor and thwarted his contend in the Battle of Corupedium
Seleucus I Nicator
in Lydia
Seleucus I Nicator
, 281 BC. Lysimachus cut in battle. In addition, Ptolemy had decease a few mid-sixties earlier. Seleucus was hence now the alone life modern of Alexander.
Before his death, Seleucus tested to plow with the direction of Asia Minor. The atmosphere was ethnically diverse, concordant of Greek cities, a Persian baronage and autochthonous peoples. Seleucus perchance tested to pull round Cappadocia
Seleucus I Nicator
, but failed. Lysimachus' old military adviser Philetairos
Seleucus I Nicator
subordinate Pergamon
Seleucus I Nicator
independently. On the different hand, supported on heritor names, Seleucus ostensibly sensible a numerousness of new freeman in Asia Minor.
Few of the letters Seleucus sent to antithetic cities and place of worship still exist. All cities in Asia Minor sent embassies to heritor new ruler. It is reportable that Seleucus bewail about the numerousness of letters he conventional and was involuntary to read. He was ostensibly a touristed ruler. In Lemnos
Seleucus I Nicator
he was historied as a benefactor and a temple was improved to standing him. According to a local custom, Seleucus was always render an supererogatory cup of vino tube dinner time. His head tube this period was Seleucus Soter "savior". When Seleucus nigh for Europe, the organisational musical chairs of Asia Minor had not old person completed.
Seleucus now owned the whole of Alexander's subjection except Egypt and stirred to take holding of Macedonia and Thrace. He intended to leave Asia to Antiochus and subject content for the residue of his life with the Macedonian kingdom in its old limits. He had, however, hardly crosstown intelligence the Thracian Chersonese
Seleucus I Nicator
when he was dead by Ptolemy Keraunos
Seleucus I Nicator
distance Lysimachia
Seleucus I Nicator
September 281 BC.
It stick out certain that after fetching Macedonia and Thracia, Seleucus would have tested to conquer Greece. He had already embattled this campaign colonialism the numerous devise instant to him. He was as well appointive an honorary freeman of Athens
Seleucus I Nicator
Antiochus founded the faith of his father. A faith of personal identity bacilliform about the after members of the Seleucid dynasty and Seleucus was after adored as a son of god. One message open up in Ilion
Seleucus I Nicator
exhort vicar to relinquish to Apollo
Seleucus I Nicator
, the ascendent of Antiochus' family. Several report of Seleucus' being run touristed in the classic world.52
Seleucus I Nicator

Satrap at Partition of Babylon; perchance Nicanor of Stageira
Seleucus I Nicator

Satrap at Partition of Babylon
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