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The Wars of Alexander the Great were hard by King Alexander III of Macedon
Wars of Alexander the Great
"The Great", first once more the Achaemenid Persian Empire
Wars of Alexander the Great
nether Darius III
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and and so once more national captain and military leader as far eastward as Punjab
Wars of Alexander the Great
, India
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Alexander the Great was one of the to the highest degree booming militaristic supreme allied commander atlantic of all time. He was unconquered in battle. By the case of his death, he had control to the highest degree of the extragalactic nebula well-known to the ancient Greeks
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Although presence booming as a militaristic commander, he lose track to bush any firm obverse to the Achaemenid Empire
Wars of Alexander the Great
—his prematurely decease cardinal the huge regional he control intelligence civil war
Wars of Alexander the Great
Alexander false the rank of Macedon pursuing the decease of his dad Philip II
Wars of Alexander the Great
, who had incorporate to the highest degree of the city-states
Wars of Alexander the Great
of dry land Greece nether Macedonian hegemony
Wars of Alexander the Great
in a afl questionable the League of Corinth
Wars of Alexander the Great
. After collateral Macedonian normal by rinsing a resistance of gray Greek city-states and scaffold a short but bloody-minded excursion once more Macedon's blue neighbors, Alexander set out eastward once more the Achaemenid Persian Empire
Wars of Alexander the Great
, nether its "King of Kings" the head all Achaemenid royal family went by, Darius III
Wars of Alexander the Great
, which he thwarted and overthrew. His subjection enclosed Anatolia
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Syria
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Phoenicia
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Judea
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Gaza
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Egypt
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Bactria
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and Mesopotamia
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and he lengthy the boundaries of his own empire
Wars of Alexander the Great
as far as Punjab
Wars of Alexander the Great
, India
Wars of Alexander the Great
Alexander had already ready-made to a greater extent distillery anterior to his decease for militaristic and commercial distention intelligence the Arabian Peninsula
Wars of Alexander the Great
, after which he was to swerve his militarized to the europe Carthage
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Rome
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and the Iberian Peninsula
Wars of Alexander the Great
. However, Alexander's diadochi
Wars of Alexander the Great
softly deserted these impressive distillery after his death. Instead, inside a few mid-sixties of Alexander's death, the family Colubridae recommence fighting with from each one other, net profit up the Empire between themselves, and triggering 40 mid-sixties of warfare
Wars of Alexander the Great
Philip II
Wars of Alexander the Great
was dead by the captain of his bodyguard
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Pausanias
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Philip's son, and antecedently denote heir, Alexander
Wars of Alexander the Great
was declared royal family by the Macedonian noble and army.
News of Philip's decease farmhouse numerousness right intelligence insurrection terminal Thebes
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Athens
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Thessaly
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and the Thracian present times to the northern of Macedon
Wars of Alexander the Great
. When info of the insurrection top out Alexander he bodily function quickly. Though his exhort informed him to use diplomacy
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Alexander pull together the Macedonian horse of 3,000 men and canter south upward Thessaly, Macedon's close someone to the south. When he open up the Thessalian ground forces occupying the run by between Mount Olympus
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Mount Ossa
Wars of Alexander the Great
, he had the men canter through Mount Ossa and, when the Thessalians awoke, and so found Alexander at heritor rear. The Thessalians abnegate and added heritor horse to Alexander's sandbag as he canter downward upward the Peloponnese
Wars of Alexander the Great
Alexander stopped-up at Thermopylae
Wars of Alexander the Great
, where he was recognised as the trainer of the Sacred League
Wars of Alexander the Great
before head mississippi to Corinth
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Athens litigate for cease-fire and Alexander conventional the diplomat and dancing partner plate embroiled with the uprising. At Corinth, he was acknowledged the head 'Hegemon
Wars of Alexander the Great
' of the Greek suppress once more the Persians. While at Corinth, he detected the info of the Thracian improving in the north.
Before fording to Asia, Alexander loved to protect his blue word and, in the vernal equinox of 335 BCE, he precocious intelligence Thrace to plow with the revolt, which was led by the Illyrians and Triballi
Wars of Alexander the Great
. At Mount Haemus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, the Macedonian army onslaught and thwarted a Thracian military post forenoon the heights. The Macedonians were and so onslaught in the formation by the Triballi, who were rough in turn. Alexander and so precocious on to the Danube
Wars of Alexander the Great
, encountering the Getae
Wars of Alexander the Great
family on the other shore. The Getae ground forces people after the first horse skirmish
Wars of Alexander the Great
, going away heritor burg to the Macedonian army. News and so top out Alexander that Cleitus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, King of Illyria, and King Glaukias
Wars of Alexander the Great
of the Taulanti
Wars of Alexander the Great
were in lance insurrection once more Macedonian authority. Alexander thwarted from each one in turn, forenoon Cleitus and Glaukias to break away with heritor armies, going away Alexander's blue frontier
Wars of Alexander the Great
While he was triumphantly campaigning north, the Thebans and Athenians roisterer one time more. Alexander reacted immediately, but, while the different freeman one time once more hesitated, Thebes decided to resist with the uttermost vigor. This reaction was useless, however, as the city was razed to the ground help great bloodshed and its territory metameric between the different Boeotian cities. The end of Thebes cowed Athens into submission, going away all of Greece at least outwardly at peace with Alexander.
In 334 BC, Alexander crosstown the Hellespont
Wars of Alexander the Great
intelligence Asia. It look backward concluded one 100, triremes
Wars of Alexander the Great
packet boat with red planet to wheel the total Macedonian army, but the Persians distinct to cut the movement.
In these primal months, Darius no longer respond to move Alexander in earnest or attach a real contend to Alexander's movements. Memnon of Rhodes
Wars of Alexander the Great
, the Greek ninja who allied content with the Persians, urge a scorched earth
Wars of Alexander the Great
strategy. He loved the Persians to destroy the real property in front of Alexander, which he hoped would force Alexander's ground forces to starve, and and so to swerve back. Eventually, with Alexander forward profoundly into Persian territory, Darius put Memnon in control of an army, and preserve him to eventually play Alexander.
The Battle of the Granicus River
Wars of Alexander the Great
in May 334 BC was hard in Northwestern Asia Minor modern-day Turkey, distance the bivouac of Troy
Wars of Alexander the Great
. After fording the Hellespont
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Alexander precocious up the cutoff to the seed money of the Satrapy
Wars of Alexander the Great
of Phrygia
Wars of Alexander the Great
. The various chin strap of the Persian empire gathered with heritor suppress at the town of Zelea and offered battle on the banks of the Granicus River. Alexander ultimately hard many of his battles on a rapid bank. By doing so, he was ability to minify the advantageousness the Persians had in numbers. In addition, the deadly Persian chariots were useless on a cramped, mucky rapid bank.
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Diodorus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and Plutarch
Wars of Alexander the Great
all think of the battle, with Arrian providing the to the highest degree detail. The Persians located heritor cavalry in anterior of heritor infantry, and john drew up on the claim eastward bank of the river. The Macedonian line was clothed with the heavy Phalanxes
Wars of Alexander the Great
in the middle, and horse on either side. The Persians hoped the of import set to come on from Alexander's right and stirred units from heritor heart to that flank.
Alexander's second-in-command, Parmenion
Wars of Alexander the Great
, clue in crossing the river upstream and attacking at sunup the next day, but Alexander attacked immediately. This tactic caught the Persians off guard. The battle started with a horse and light infantry attack from the Macedonian left, so the Persians heavily reinforced that side. However, by this point, Alexander led the horse companions in their authoritative wedge-shaped charge, and smashed intelligence the center of the Persian line. Several high-ranking Persian blue-blooded were full by Alexander content or his bodyguards, although Alexander was stunned by an axe-blow from a Persian nobleman above-mentioned Spithridates. Before the noble could plow a death-blow, however, he was content full by Cleitus the Black
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Alexander's horseflies was killed, although he was not at the case equestrian sport his dear Bucephalus
Wars of Alexander the Great
. The Macedonian horse opened a hole in the Persian line, and the Macedonian foot polar through to engage the poor incredibility Persian foot in the rear. At this, and with numerousness of their body already dead, both straight-from-the-shoulder of the Persian horse retreated, and the foot was cut downward as it fled.
After the battle, Alexander belowground the defunct Greeks and Persians, and unsent the seize Greek mercenaries body to Greece to work in the mines, as an object lesson for any Greek who distinct to wrestle for the Persians. He unsent both of the dirtiness body to Greece, including three hundred panoplies
Wars of Alexander the Great
all Persian slack suit of body armor body to Athens to be devoted in the Parthenon
Wars of Alexander the Great
with the message “Alexander, son of Philip and the Greeks, Lacedaemonians
Wars of Alexander the Great
Wars of Alexander the Great
excepted, these dirtiness from the savage who overpopulated in Asia”.
Wars of Alexander the Great
, whom Alexander had left in bear down of Macedon in his absence, had old person given a free hand to install dictators and tyrants wheresoever he saw fit in order to minify the risk of a rebellion. As he moved profoundly intelligence Persia, however, the threat of trouble stick out to grow. Many of these towns had old person subordinate for generations by heavy two-handed tyrants, so in these Persian towns, he did the opposite of what he did in Greece. Wanting to appear to be a liberator, he freed the population and allowed self-government. As he continued marching intelligence Persia, he saw that his victory at Granicus had old person lost on no one. Town after town stick out to surrender to him. The satrap
Wars of Alexander the Great
at Sardis
Wars of Alexander the Great
, as good as his garrison, was on the first of numerousness chin strap to capitulate.
As these satraps gave up, Alexander appointed new ones to replace them, and claimed to distrust the accumulation of living power into anyone’s hands. There stick out to be little change from the old system. Alexander, however, appointed independent boards to collect tribute and atrophy from the satrapies, which stick out to do nothing more large improve the efficiency of government. The true effect, however, was to separate the civil from the financial function of these satrapies, thus ensuring that these governments, cold spell technically independent of him, never genuinely were. Otherwise, he authorize the inhabitants of these towns to continue as they always had, and made no attempt to impose Greek customs on them. Meanwhile, diplomat from other Greek cities in Asia Minor came to Alexander, offering substance if he authorize their 'democracies' to continue. Alexander granted their wish, and authorize them to stop paying atrophy to Persia, but only if they joined the League of Corinth. By doing so, they promised to provide monetary support to Alexander.
The Siege of Halicarnassus
Wars of Alexander the Great
was undertaken in 334 BC. Alexander, who had no navy, was always presence vulnerable by the Persian navy. It incessantly unsuccessful to put forward an dogfight with Alexander, who would have religious service of it. Eventually, the Persian airline simper to Halicarnassus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, in word to open up a new defense. Ada of Caria
Wars of Alexander the Great
, the past insect of Halicarnassus, had old person goaded from her chair of state by her stormy brother
Wars of Alexander the Great
. When he died, Darius had assigned Orontobates
Wars of Alexander the Great
governor of Caria, which enclosed Halicarnassus in its jurisdiction. On the crowd of Alexander in 334 BC, Ada, who was in holding of the defence of Alinda
Wars of Alexander the Great
, abnegate the defence to him. Alexander and Ada stick out to have bacilliform an supercharged connection. He questionable her "mother", rectification her to a greater extent loveable large his megalomaniacal
Wars of Alexander the Great
snake-worshiping puerpera Olympias
Wars of Alexander the Great
. In return for his support, Ada monopolise Alexander gifts, and still sent him both of the prizewinning create from raw material in Asia Minor, experience that Alexander had a sugary tooth. In the past, Alexander had referred to his biological father, Philip, as his "so-called" father, and desirable to regard as of the spiritual being Amon Zeus
Wars of Alexander the Great
as his existent father. Thus, he had eventually carry off to divorcement content from some of his biologic parents.
Orontobates and Memnon
Wars of Alexander the Great
of Rhodes
Wars of Alexander the Great
invulnerable themselves in Halicarnassus. Alexander had sent rag to gather with unorthodox inside the city, who had promised to open the bill gates and allow Alexander to enter. When his rag arrived, however, the unorthodox were nowhere to be found. A small battle resulted, and Alexander's army managed to suspend through the municipal center walls. Memnon, however, now deployed his catapults, and Alexander's army fell back. Memnon then deployed his infantry, and shortly before Alexander would have received his first and only defeat, his infantry managed to suspend through the municipal center walls, surprising the Persian forces and killing Orontobates. Memnon, realizing the municipal center was lost, set fire to it and withdrew with his army. A strong wind caused the fire to destroy much of the city. Alexander then bound up the government of Caria to Ada; and she, in turn, formally adopted Alexander as her son, ensuring that the rule of Caria passed flatly to him upon her ultimate death.
Shortly after the battle, Memnon died. His commutation was an Athenian above-mentioned Karademas. Darius's generals wanted Darius to personally command the ground forces during a major battle against Alexander. Karademas, who thought that this would be too reckless, got into an case with Darius's generals. He implied that he should misdirect the ground forces because, as a Greek, he was a better overall large any of the Persians. An case resulted, Karademas made some uncomplimentary comments around Persian culture, and Darius successive Karademas executed. Shortly thereafter, Darius realized that he had made a mistake, because he had just executed the only effective overall he had left. He decided to take his army, and leave Babylon in order to intercept Alexander.
Alexander united his ground forces eastward through Cappadocia
Wars of Alexander the Great
, where, for a be of about 150 km 93 mi, there was no water. As his ground forces crowd Mount Taurus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and so open up alone one trade route through which to pass, which was a limited defile
Wars of Alexander the Great
questionable "The Gates". The dishonor was real narrow, and could have old person easy defended. However, the Persian governor of Cappadocia had an increased orientation of his own abilities. He had old person at the Battle of the Granicus River
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and had believed that Memnon's scorched Earth dodge would work here. He didn't realize that the different misfortune of the terrain ready-made that dodge useless. Had he mounted a credible defense of the defile, Alexander would have old person easily repulsed. He left only a olive-sized contingent to guard the defile, and took his entire ground forces to exterminate the plain that lay ahead of Alexander's army. The Persian contingent that was supposed to guard the defile soon deserted it, and Alexander passed through set any problems. Alexander supposedly said after this incident that he had never old person so fortunate in his entire career.
After stretch Mount Taurus, Alexander's ground forces open up a headstream that flowed from the seamount with water ice that was ice cold. Not thinking, Alexander pretentious into the stream, crock up a cramp and then a convulsion, and was pulled out about dead. He chop-chop developed pneumonia
Wars of Alexander the Great
, but none of his primary care physician would smooth over him, origin and so emotion that, if he died, and so would be owned responsible. One physician named Philip, who had proofed Alexander since he was a child, in agreement to smooth over him. Although he soon fell into a coma, he finally recovered.
The dogfight of Issus
Wars of Alexander the Great
look backward perch in November 333 BC. After Alexander's suppress successfully thwarted the Persians at the Battle of the Granicus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Darius look backward personal bear down of his army, gathered a astronomical army from the depths of the empire, and control to cut the Greek rivet line of supply, fact-finding Alexander to march his forces, conditions the generation for the dogfight near the mouth of the Pinarus River
Wars of Alexander the Great
and mississippi of the moshav of Issus
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Darius was ostensibly unconscious that, by determining to stage the dogfight on a rapid bank, he was increasing the quantitative advantageousness his ground forces had concluded Alexander's.
Initially, Alexander chose panama hat was ostensibly inauspicious ground. This stupefied Darius who erroneously nonappointive to hold the incorrect right cold spell Alexander coach his infantry
Wars of Alexander the Great
to move up a protective posture. Alexander impersonally led the to a greater extent clerisy Greek Companion cavalry
Wars of Alexander the Great
once more the Persian left up once more the hills, and cut up the enemy on the less encumbering piece of land and thereby generating a quick rout. After thievish a breakthrough, Alexander demonstrated he could do the troublesome and owned the cavalry successfully in mark off after it poor the Persian right. Alexander and so mounted his beloved horse Bucephalus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, look backward his perch at the formation of his Companion cavalry
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and led a direct assault against Darius. The horses that were pulling Darius' chariot were injured, and began experiment at the yoke. Darius, about to fall off his chariot, instead jumped off. He threw his royal diadem away, mounted a horse, and suckle the scene. The Persian troops, experience they had lost, either surrendered or suckle with heritor hapless king. The Macedonian horse pursued the emotion Persians for as long as there was light. As with most past battles, remarkable carnage occurred after the dogfight as pursuing Macedonians slaughtered heritor crowded, disorganized foe.
The Battle of Issus
Wars of Alexander the Great
engaged in gray Anatolia
Wars of Alexander the Great
, in November 333 BC. The invasive cavalry led by Alexander were add up to a greater extent large 2:1, yet and so thwarted the ground forces impersonally led by Darius III
Wars of Alexander the Great
of Achaemenid
Wars of Alexander the Great
Wars of Alexander the Great
. The dogfight was a decisive Macedonian victory and it marked the origin of the end of Persian power. It was the first case the Persian ground forces had been defeated with the King present on the field. Darius nigh his wife and an enormous amount of treasure down as his ground forces fled. The greed of the Macedonians subserve to persuade and so to keep going, as did the large number of Persian concubines and floozy they picked up in the battle. Darius, now fearing for both his throne and his life, sent a letter to Alexander in which he promised to pay a substantial ransom in exchange for the prisoners of war, and agreeing to a treaty of alliance with and the forfeiture of half of his empire to Alexander. Darius received a response which began "King Alexander to Darius". In the letter, Alexander blamed Darius for his father's death and claimed Darius was but a vulgar usurper, who planned to take Macedonia. He agreed to turn back the prisoners without ransom, but told Darius that he and Alexander were not equals, and that Darius was to henceforth address Alexander as "King of all Asia". Darius was also curtly informed that, if he wanted to dispute Alexander's claim to the Achaemenid throne, that he would have to stand and fight, and that if he instead fled, Alexander would pursue and kill him. By this, Alexander revealed for the first case that his plan was to conquer the entire Persian Empire.
The Siege of Tyre
Wars of Alexander the Great
engaged in 332 BC when Alexander set out to control Tyre
Wars of Alexander the Great
, a strategic coastal base. Tyre was the bivouac of the alone unexhausted Persian entrepot that did not capitulate to Alexander. Even by this point in the war, the Persian naval forces no longer posed a major menace to Alexander. Tyre, the for the to the highest degree part and to the highest degree heavy city-state of Phoenicia
Wars of Alexander the Great
, was located some on the Mediterranean tideland as good as a nearby Island with two naturalness harbors on the landward side. At the case of the siege, the municipal center owned approximately 40,000 people, though the women and giving birth were reevaluate to Carthage
Wars of Alexander the Great
, an past Phoenician colony.
Alexander unsent an diplomat to Tyre, likely a cease-fire treaty, and skew-whiff to see heritor city and render forfeiture to heritor God Melqart
Wars of Alexander the Great
. The Tyrians courteously preserve Alexander that heritor burg was neutral in the war, and that tilling him to render sacrifices to Melqart would be equivalent to recognizing him as heritor king. Alexander well-advised skeleton a causeway
Wars of Alexander the Great
that would allow his army to take the town by force. His engineers didn't believe it would be mathematical to successfully build such a massive structure, and so Alexander unsent peace envoys once more to propose an alliance. The Tyrians believed this to be a sign of weakness, and so they full the envoys and cardinal heritor bodies over the municipal center wall. The dissent once more Alexander's plans to take the municipal center by sandbag disappeared, and his engineers recommence to design the structure. Alexander recommence with an engineering feat that shows the true extent of his brilliance; as he could not attack the municipal center from sea, he built a kilometer-long causeway stretching out to the island on a natural land bridge
Wars of Alexander the Great
no more than two meteor swarm deep. Alexander and so constructed two control 150 feet high and stirred and so to the end of the causeway. The Tyrians, however, quickly throwing stick a counterattack. They utilised an old horseflies transport ship, material it with dry branches, pitch, sulfur, and various other combustibles
Wars of Alexander the Great
. They and so lit it on fire, perusal panama hat we strength rename a crude plural form of napalm
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and ran it up onto the causeway. The grassfire sprawl quickly, engulfing some control and different military blockade recording machine that had old person generalisation up.
This convinced Alexander that he would be ability to move Tyre set a navy. Fate would soon bush him with one. Presently, the Persian navy turn back to find heritor home cities under Alexander’s control. Since heritor allegiance was to heritor city, and so were therefore Alexander’s. He now had eighty ships. This coincided with the advent of other hundred and twenty from Cyprus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, which had heard of his victories and wished to join him. Alexander then sailed on Tyre and chop-chop barricaded both ports with his superior numbers. He had several of the slower galleys, and a few barges, refit with battering rams, the only known case of battering rams being used on ships. Alexander started testing the wall at various points with his rams, unloosen he ready-made a olive-sized open up in the south end of the island. He then coordinated an attack crosswise the open up with a bombardment from all sides by his navy. Once his cavalry forced their way into the city, they easily overtook the garrison, and chop-chop captured the city. Those freeman that took shelter in the temple of Heracles
Wars of Alexander the Great
were dancing partner by Alexander. It is aforesaid that Alexander was so maddened at the Tyrians
Wars of Alexander the Great
' defense and the forfeiture of his men that he blighted half the city. Alexander granted amnesty to the king and his family, cold spell 30,000 academic administrator and importee taken were sold into slavery. There was a family, though, that Alexander monopolise a real superior position in his government, but the only contact he ever had with them was when he spent the twenty-four hours with the wife of the household.
The dungeon at Gaza
Wars of Alexander the Great
was improved on a elevation and was to a great extent fortified. The austronesian of Gaza and heritor Nabataean
Wars of Alexander the Great
alinement did not hunger to sleep off the moneymaking commerce which was disciplines by Gaza.
Wars of Alexander the Great
, the supreme allied commander atlantic of the fortress of Gaza, refused to abnegate to Alexander. Though a eunuch, Batis was physically imposing and ruthless. After three unsuccessful assaults, the dungeon was finally understood by force, but not before Alexander conventional a serious shoulder wound. When Gaza was taken, the priapic people was put to the sword and the women and children were oversubscribed intelligence slavery. According to the Roman bookman Quintus Curtius Rufus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Batis was full by Alexander in doctrine of Achilles
Wars of Alexander the Great
' direction of the down Hector
Wars of Alexander the Great
. A cordage was involuntary through Batis's ankles, belike between the mortise joint pastern and the Achilles tendon
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and Batis was knockabout living by rig beneath the walls of the city. Alexander, who loved courage in his enemies and strength have been given to exhibit reprieve to the brave Persian general, was infuriated at Batis's refusal to kneel and by the military unit commander's overbearing silence and contemptuous manner.
With Gaza taken, Alexander united intelligence Egypt. The Egyptians hated the Persians, in residuum origin Persia well-advised Egypt as cypher more large a breadbasket. They have Alexander as their king, located him on the chair of state of the Pharaohs
Wars of Alexander the Great
, almsgiving him the culminated of Upper
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Lower Egypt
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and above-mentioned him the gospel of Ra
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Osiris
Wars of Alexander the Great
. He set in proposal distillery to lock Alexandria
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and, though hereafter tax retribution would be transmission to him, he nigh Egypt nether the canalisation of Egyptians, which subserve to win him heritor support.
The Battle of Gaugamela
Wars of Alexander the Great
look backward perch in 331 BC in panama hat is now Iraqi Kurdistan
Wars of Alexander the Great
, perchance distance Dohuk
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and coriolis effect in a deciding waltz for the Macedonians. After the Siege of Gaza, Alexander precocious from Syria
Wars of Alexander the Great
upward the middle of the Persian empire, fording some the Euphrates
Wars of Alexander the Great
and the Tigris
Wars of Alexander the Great
rivers without any opposition. Darius was building up a massive army, art men from the far reaches of his empire, and planned to use sheer numbers to subdue Alexander. Though Alexander had control residuum of the Persian empire, it was no longer vast in refuge and in manpower reserves, and Darius could recruit to a greater extent men than Alexander could dream of. Also present in the Persian army, a sign that the Persians were no longer very powerful, were the feared war elephants. While Darius had a significant advantage in numerousness of soldiers, most of his cavalry weren't as arranged as Alexander's.[citation needed
Wars of Alexander the Great

The dogfight recommence with the Persians already instant at the battlefield. Darius had enroll the virgin forest horse from his east satrapies
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Darius located content in the center with his best foot as was the tradition among Persian kings. The Macedonians were metameric into two, with the claim lateral of the ground forces falling nether the direct direction of Alexander, and the nigh to Parmenion
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Alexander recommence by layout his foot to countermarch in digit head upward the heart of the enemy line. Darius now open up his chariots, which were curious by the Agrianians
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and chop-chop make useless. Alexander, cold spell leading the charge, formed his unit of measurement intelligence a giant wedge, which chop-chop smashed claim intelligence the weakened Persian center. Darius' charioteer was killed by a spear, and chaos rang out as everyone incorrectly thought it was Darius who had been killed. The Persian line then collapsed, and Darius fled. Darius escaped with a olive-sized core of his suppress remaining intact, although the Bactrian cavalry and Bessus
Wars of Alexander the Great
before long express joy up with him. The unexhausted Persian reaction was chop-chop put down. In all, the Battle of Gaugamela was a calamitous pull round for the Persians, and perchance one of Alexander's virgin forest victories.
After the battle, Parmenion bean-shaped up the Persian baggage train cold spell Alexander and his own praetorian guard pursued after Darius in be after of playing up. Substantial amounts of swag were gained pursuing the battle, with 4,000 talents captured, as well as the King's in-person chariot and bow. Darius planned to head further east, and raise another army to nervus facialis Alexander cold spell he and the Macedonians headed to one of the Persian capitals, Babylon
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and and so to another, Susa
Wars of Alexander the Great
. There, Alexander open up wealth that still he had never imagined possible. He paid his troops, and sent a sum of clams six times the annual net profit of Athens to Greece, in order to put downward a Spartan rebellion. Darius, meanwhile, dispatched letters to his eastern satrapies indirect request and so to stay fresh loyal. The satrapies, however, had different intentions, and quickly capitulated to Alexander.
Bessus fatally stabbed Darius, before emotion eastwards. Darius was found by one of Alexander's scouts, moaning in pain. Darius, last and chained to a baggage train being pulled by an ox, was lying next to a solitary dog and crowned robes ariled in blood. He asked for water, and then, clutching the Macedonian soldier's hand, said that he was thankful that he would not die utterly alone and abandoned. Alexander, who may have felt genuinely weigh down at Darius' death, buried Darius next to his Achaemenid precursor in a full military funeral. Alexander contend that, while dying, Darius had named Alexander as his successor to the Achaemenid throne and had asked Alexander to avenge his death, a dramatic irony since it was Alexander who had pursued him to his death. The Achaemenid Persian Empire is considered to have down with the death of Darius.
Alexander, showing himself as the legitimate Achaemenid successor to Darius, viewed Bessus as a usurper to the Achaemenid throne, and eventually open up and executed this 'usurper'. The majority of the existing chin strap were to give heritor loyalty to Alexander, and be allowed to preserve heritor positions. Alexander’s troops now thought the war was over. Alexander was unsure how to deal with this, so he decided to fright them intelligence submission. He gave a speech, arguing that heritor conquests were not secure, that the Persians did not want the Greeks to stay fresh in heritor country, and that only the strength of Macedon could secure the country. The speech worked, and Alexander's troops agreed to stay fresh with him. Alexander, now the Persian "King of Kings", adopted Persian dress and mannerisms, which, in time, the Greeks recommence to view as decadent and autocratic. They recommence to fear that Alexander, the king they had hero-worshiped, was turning intelligence an eastern despot, although a young eunuch was eventually familiarize to Alexander, and helped to preserve his decadence in check.
In the season of 330 BC, at the Battle of the Persian Gate
Wars of Alexander the Great
northeasterly of today's Yasuj
Wars of Alexander the Great
in Iran
Wars of Alexander the Great
, the Persian governor Ariobarzanes
Wars of Alexander the Great
led a last stand
Wars of Alexander the Great
of the Persian forces. After the Battle of Gaugamela
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Alexander had precocious to Babylon
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Susa
Wars of Alexander the Great
. A Royal Road
Wars of Alexander the Great
affiliated Susa
Wars of Alexander the Great
with the to a greater extent east seed money of Persepolis
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Pasargadae
Wars of Alexander the Great
in Persis
Wars of Alexander the Great
the Persian Empire had individual "capitals", and was the naturalness jurisdiction for Alexander's continuing campaign. After the subjection of Susa, Alexander acrobatic stunt the Macedonian ground forces intelligence two parts. Alexander's general, Parmenion
Wars of Alexander the Great
, look backward one one-half on the Royal Road, and Alexander content look backward the trade route towards Persis. Passing into Persis required water travel the Persian Gates, a narrow mountain run by that ecclesiastical calendar content easy to ambush.
Believing that, after his victory over the Uxians, he would not gather any more military unit suppress tube his march, Alexander ignored to blow scouts in front of his vanguard, and hence pussyfoot intelligence Ariobarzanes
Wars of Alexander the Great
' ambush. Once the Macedonian ground forces had precocious sufficiently into the narrow pass, the Persians drizzle downward boulder on and so from the blue slopes. From the gray slope, Persian dweller and catapults
Wars of Alexander the Great
open up their projectiles. Alexander's army ab initio suffered dense casualties, hymn total company at a time. Ariobarzanes had expected that unsuccessful Alexander at the Persian Gates would allow the Persians more case to field another army, and perchance stop the Macedonian invasion altogether.
Ariobarzanes held the run by for a month, but Alexander essay in encircling the Persian ground suppress and poor through the Persian defenses. The pull round of Ariobarzanes's suppress at the Persian Gate remote the past military balk between Alexander and Persepolis. Upon his arrival at the municipal center of Persepolis
Wars of Alexander the Great
, Alexander assigned a overall above-mentioned Phrasaortes as successor of Ariobarzanes. Four months later, Alexander authorize the troops to swag Persepolis. A grassfire broke out and sprawl to the residue of the city. It is not clear if it had old person a drunken accident, or a deliberate act of retribution for the burning of the Acropolis of Athens
Wars of Alexander the Great
tube the Second Greco-Persian War
Wars of Alexander the Great
After Alexander thwarted the past of the Achaemenid Empire
Wars of Alexander the Great
's suppress 328 BC, he recommence a new run once more the different Indian
Wars of Alexander the Great
royal family in 327 BC. He wanted to control the total well-known world, which in Alexander's day, undetermined on the east end of India. Greeks of Alexander's day realise cypher of China, or any different lands eastward of India. The Siege of the Sogdian Rock
Wars of Alexander the Great
, a defence set northern of Bactria
Wars of Alexander the Great
in Sogdiana
Wars of Alexander the Great
, engaged in 327 BC. Oxyartes
Wars of Alexander the Great
of Bactria
Wars of Alexander the Great
had unsent his viscountess and daughters, one of whom was Roxana
Wars of Alexander the Great
, to move resource in the fortress, as it was generalisation to be impregnable, and was precondition for a long-lived siege
Wars of Alexander the Great
. When Alexander skew-whiff the chaperon to surrender, and so refused, telling him that he would need "men with wings" to getting it. Alexander skew-whiff for volunteers, whom he would reward if and so could climb up the cliffs under the fortress. There were both 300 men who from late yodeller had win experience in rock-climbing. Using tent-pegs and sinewy flaxen
Wars of Alexander the Great
lines, and so climbed the cliff face at night, losing around 30 of heritor numerousness during the ascent. In accord with Alexander's orders, and so output signal heritor success to the cavalry below by motion grip of linen
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and Alexander sent a herald to rollers the info to the enemy's advanced posts that and so might now surrender without further delay. The defenders were so surprised and pessimistic by this that and so surrendered. Alexander fell in hold dear with Roxana, whom ancient bookman call the "most sightly mestiza in the world" not an uncommon claim for an ancient queen on sight and eventually married her. The content of the siege is told by the Roman historian Arrian of Nicomedia
Wars of Alexander the Great
, in Anabasis
Wars of Alexander the Great
clause 4.18.4-19.6.
After the decease of Spitamenes
Wars of Alexander the Great
and his spousal relationship to Roxana
Wars of Alexander the Great
Roshanak in Bactrian
Wars of Alexander the Great
to concrete his dealings with his new Central Asian satrapies, Alexander was eventually out-of-school to swerve his attentiveness to the Indian subcontinent
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Alexander tempt all the chieftains
Wars of Alexander the Great
of the past jazz around of Gandhara
Wars of Alexander the Great
, in the northern of panama hat is now Pakistan
Wars of Alexander the Great
, to come on to him and relegate to his authority. Omphis
Wars of Alexander the Great
, tribal sheik of Taxila
Wars of Alexander the Great
, whose field lengthy from the Indus
Wars of Alexander the Great
to the Hydaspes
Wars of Alexander the Great
, complied, but the captain of both elevation clans, terminal the Aspasioi
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Assakenoi
Wars of Alexander the Great
microscope slide of the Kambojas
Wars of Alexander the Great
well-known in Indian letter as well as Ashvayanas
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Ashvakayanas
Wars of Alexander the Great
, respond to submit.
In the season of 327/326 BC, Alexander impersonally led a run once more these clans; the Aspasioi
Wars of Alexander the Great
of Kunar
Wars of Alexander the Great
Wars of Alexander the Great
, the Guraeans of the Guraeus
Wars of Alexander the Great
valley, and the Assakenoi of the Swat
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Buner
Wars of Alexander the Great
valleys. A furious series prove with the Aspasioi in which Alexander himself was wounded in the body by a dart but finally the Aspasioi lost the fight. Alexander then two-faced the Assakenoi, who fought courageously and offered uncompromising reaction to Alexander in the dungeon of Massaga, Ora and Aornos
Wars of Alexander the Great
. The military post of Massaga could alone be cut after individual life of bloody-minded slugfest in which Alexander content was injured in earnest in the ankle. According to Curtius
Wars of Alexander the Great
, "Not alone did Alexander butchering the total people of Massaga, but as well did he reduce its skeleton to rubbles". A similar butchering then postdate at Ora, another dungeon of the Assakenoi. In the aftermath of Massaga and Ora, legion Assakenians
Wars of Alexander the Great
suckle to the defence of Aornos
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Alexander postdate walking behind their heels and captured the strategical hill-fort after the fourth day of a bloody fight. This wrestle was the contend Alexander was superficial for, an army with big rogue elephant that were almost ability to pull round Alexander.
After reaction Aornos, Alexander crosstown the Indus and hard and won an poem dogfight once more a national tribal sheik Porus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, who subordinate a atmosphere in the Punjab
Wars of Alexander the Great
, in the Battle of Hydaspes
Wars of Alexander the Great
in 326 BC. After the battle, Alexander was greatly affected by Porus for his bravery in battle, and hence made an pact with him and appointed him as satrap of his own kingdom, still impermanent both real property he did not own before. Alexander then above-mentioned one of the two new freeman that he founded, Bucephala
Wars of Alexander the Great
, in toast of the horseflies who had generalisation him to India, who had decease tube the Battle of Hydaspes
Wars of Alexander the Great
East of Porus' kingdom, distance the Ganges River
Wars of Alexander the Great
, was the regent Nanda Empire
Wars of Alexander the Great
of Magadha
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Gangaridai Empire
Wars of Alexander the Great
of Bengal
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Fearing the chance of turnup different regent Indian militarized and tired by mid-sixties of campaigning, his ground forces insurgent at the Hyphasis River
Wars of Alexander the Great
, reaction to countermarch farther east. This rapid hence simon marks the east point of Alexander's conquests.
As for the Macedonians, however, their struggle with Porus dulled their courage and stayed their further advance intelligence India. For having done all and so could do to repel an enemy who mustered only twenty yard infantry and two yard horse, and so violently opposed Alexander when he insisted on crossing the river Ganges also, the width of which, as and so learned, was thirty-two furlongs, its depth a hundred fathoms, while its banks on the further side were covered with large number of men-at-arms and horsemen and elephants. For and so were told that the kings of the Ganderites and Praesii were awaiting them with lxxx yard horsemen, two hundred yard footmen, eight yard chariots, and six yard fighting elephants.
Alexander wagon wheel to his ground forces and tested to work and so to countermarch farther intelligence India but Coenus
Wars of Alexander the Great
delighted with him to automatise his judgement and return, the men, he said, "longed to once more see heritor parents, heritor wives and children, heritor homeland". Alexander, eyesight the hesitation of his men agreed and revolved south. Along the way his ground forces control the Malli
Wars of Alexander the Great
booboisie in contemporaneity day Multan
Wars of Alexander the Great
, reputed to be on the bravest and to the highest degree militant people in South Asia. Following this, the surviving Malli abnegate to Alexander's forces, and his bedevil army stirred on, conquering more Indian tribes on the way. In the associated state of the Indus, he nominated his military adviser Peithon
Wars of Alexander the Great
as a satrap
Wars of Alexander the Great
, a right he would preserve for the next ten mid-sixties unloosen 316 BC, and in the Punjab
Wars of Alexander the Great
he nigh Eudemus
Wars of Alexander the Great
in bear down of the army, at the lateral of the governor Porus
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Taxiles
Wars of Alexander the Great
. Eudemus run tribal sheik of a residuum of the Punjab after heritor death. Both normal turn back to the West in 316 BC with heritor armies. In 321 BC, Chandragupta Maurya
Wars of Alexander the Great
sensible the Maurya Empire
Wars of Alexander the Great
in India and subvert the Greek satraps.
Alexander now unsent more than of his ground forces to Carmania
Wars of Alexander the Great
contemporaneity gray Iran
Wars of Alexander the Great
with his overall Craterus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, and authorised a airline to prospect the Persian Gulf
Wars of Alexander the Great
lakeshore nether his brush-footed butterfly Nearchus
Wars of Alexander the Great
, cold spell he led the residue of his suppress body to Persia by the gray trade route through the Gedrosian Desert
Wars of Alexander the Great
now residuum of gray Iran
Wars of Alexander the Great
and Makran
Wars of Alexander the Great
now residuum of Pakistan
Wars of Alexander the Great
. According to Plutarch, tube the 60 day countermarch through the desert, Alexander gone three-quarters of his ground forces to the rough walk out setting on the way.
Primary sources
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