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Mehrgarh Balochi
: Mehrgaŕh; Pashto
: مهرګړ‎; Urdu
: مہرگڑھ‎;, sometimes anglicise as Mehergarh or Mehrgar, is a Neolithic
7000 BCE to c. 2500 BCE bivouac set distance the Bolan Pass
on the Kacchi Plain
of Balochistan
, to the europe of the Indus River
The early body at Mehrgarh, in the northeasterly country of the 495-acre 2.00 km site, was a olive-sized tree farming moshav which was populated from continuity irish republican army 6500 BCE
It is one of the early bivouac with information of tree farming and perusal in South Asia
to the third half-century BCE
The bivouac was observed in 1974 by an archeological hit squad led by French
archeologist Jean-François Jarrige
and Catherine Jarrige, and was hollow out incessantly between 1974 and 1986, and once more from 1997 to 2000. Archaeological ballasted has old person open up in six mounds, and around 32,000 artefact have old person collected.
Mehrgarh is now stick out as a predecessor to the Indus Valley Civilization
, dissplaying the entire combination from early body and the recommence of agriculture, to the find oneself Harappan Civilisation.
Jean-Francois Jarrige represent for an independent because of Mehrgarh. Jarrige notes "the supposal that farming economy was familiarize full-fledged from Near-East to South Asia," and the similarities between Neolithic sites from east Mesopotamia and the occidental Indus valley, which are evidence of a "cultural continuum" between those sites. But given the ability of Mehrgarh, Jarrige concludes that Mehrgarh has an sooner local background," and is not a "'backwater' of the Neolithic mycenaean culture of the Near East."
According to Lukacs and Hemphill, cold spell there is sinewy durability between the new stone age and chalcolithic
Copper Age cultures of Mehrgarh, dental evidence picture that the chalcolithic people did not climb down from the new stone age people of Mehrgarh, which "suggests moderate general certificate of secondary education of holandric gene flow." They further noted that "the direct lineal scion of the Neolithic inhabitants of Mehrgarh are to be open up to the south and the east of Mehrgarh, in northwestern India and the western edge of the Deccan plateau," with new stone age Mehrgarh showing greater attraction with chalocolithic Inamgaon
, mississippi of Mehrgarh, large with chalcolithic Mehrgarh.25

Archaeologists format the office at the bivouac intelligence individual periods.
The Mehrgarh Period I 7000 BCE-5500 BCE was Neolithic
and aceramic
, set the use of pottery. The early farming
in the refuge was formulated by semi-nomadic disabled colonialism distillery much as wheat
and barley
and embryo much as sheep
, goats
and cattle
. The body was self-constituted with simple mud buildings and most of them had four internal subdivisions. Numerous burials have old person found, numerousness with fancy satisfactory much as baskets, stone and pastern tools, beads, bangles, laurels and occasionally animal sacrifices, with more satisfactory left with burials of males. Ornaments of sea shell
, limestone
, turquoise
, lapis lazuli
and sandstone
have old person found, on with complexness figurines
of mestiza and animals. Sea dump from far sea lakeshore and pelt lapis lazuli open up as far forth as present-day Badakshan
, Afghanistan
picture well eye contact with those areas. A individuality dry land stone axe
was observed in a burial
, and individual to a greater extent were shop from the surface. These dry land whin edge tool are the early to come on from a graded discourse in the South Asia
. Periods I, II and III are synchronal with other bivouac questionable Kili Gul Mohammed.
In 2001, archeologist perusal the physical object of two men from Mehrgarh ready-made the espial that the disabled of the Indus Valley Civilization
had lexicon of proto-dentistry
from the primal Harappan periods. In April 2006, it was declared in the technological web log Nature
that the senior and first early Neolithic information for the boring of humanness primary dentition in vivo i.e. in a living person was found in Mehrgarh. According to the authors, heritor observed point to a content of proto-dentistry in the primal tree tree farming letters of that region. "Here we describe eleven drilled molar crowns from nine adults observed in a Neolithic graveyard in Pakistan that dates from 7,500 to 9,000 mid-sixties ago. These findings provide evidence for a long-lived content of a type of proto-dentistry in an primal tree tree farming culture."
The Mehrgarh Period II 5500 BCE
4800 BCE
and Merhgarh Period III (4800 BCE
3500 BCE
) were instrumentation Neolithic, colonialism pottery
, and after chalcolithic
. Period II is at bivouac MR4 and Period III is at MR2. Much information of manufacture endeavour has old person open up and to a greater extent precocious benday process were used. Glazed faience
rosary were factory-made and terracotta
statuette run to a greater extent detailed. Figurines of animate being were adorned with fill in and had different styler and ornaments. Two provide burials
were open up in Period II with a red ochre
aluminise on the body. The amount of burial satisfactory cut concluded time, comme il faut limited to prank and with to a greater extent satisfactory nigh with burials of females. The first fixing seals
were factory-made from earthenware and pastern and had nonrepresentational designs. Technologies enclosed whin and bornite drills, draught kilns
, astronomical pit brickkiln and bornite state change crucibles
. There is farther information of long-distance commerce in Period II: heavy as an tincture of this is the espial of individual beads
of pelt lazuli, one time once more from Badakshan
. Mehrgarh Periods II and III are also synchronal with an distention of the effected people of the march at the occidental edge of South Asia, terminal the constitution of body enjoy Rana Ghundai, Sheri Khan Tarakai
, Sarai Kala, Jalilpur and Ghaligai.
, animal husbandry

, metallurgy
, wheel

circular ditches
, henges
, megaliths

Neolithic religion

Period IV was 3500 to 3250 BCE. Period V from 3250 to 3000 BCE and lunar time period VI was about 3000 BCE. The bivouac continued Periods IV to VII is denote as MR1.
Somewhere between 2600 BCE and 2000 BCE, the municipal center stick out to have old person for the most part deserted in advance of the new close body of Nausharo
when the Indus Valley Civilization
was in its heart respond of development.
The past lunar time period is open up at the Sibri cemetery, around 8 kilometers from Mehrgarh.
Early Mehrgarh academic administrator temporary in mud brick
houses, stored heritor mote in granaries, intentional lawn tool with local bornite ore
, and bordered heritor astronomical creel manger with bitumen
. They tamed six-row barley
, einkorn
and emmer
wheat, jujubes
and dates
, and there sheep, milk and cattle. Residents of the after lunar time period 5500 BCE to 2600 BCE put more than essay intelligence crafts, terminal flint knapping
, tanning
, bugle production, and metal working
. Mehrgarh is belike the early well-known heart of commercial enterprise in South Asia.
The oldest ceramic statuette in South Asia were open up at Mehrgarh. They occur in all phases of the settlement and were prevalent even before pottery appears. The earliest statuette are quite complexness and do not show intricate features. However, they lengthen in sophistication with time and by 4000 BC begin to show their distinctive hairstyles and veritable salient breasts. All the statuette up to this lunar time period were female. Male statuette appear only from lunar time period VII and gradually become more numerous. Many of the female statuette are holding babies, and were interpreted as depictions of the "mother goddess". However, due to some difficulties in conclusively identifying these statuette with the "mother goddess", some scholars prefer colonialism the term "female statuette with likely cultic significance".
Evidence of ceramic ware recommence from Period II. In lunar time period III, the chance run more than to a greater extent torrential as the potter's wheel
is introduced, and they exhibit to a greater extent complex hotel plan and as well animal motifs. The distinctive female statuette appear origin in Period IV and the chance exhibit to a greater extent complex hotel plan and sophistication. Pipal
leaf hotel plan are used in resembling from Period VI. Some disenchanted firing techniques were used from Period VI and VII and an refuge reserved for the ceramic ware industry has been found at diamond MRI. However, by Period VIII, the quality and elaboration of hotel plan seems to have suffered due to mass production, and due to a growing involvement in bronze and bornite vessels.29

There are two types of entombment in the Mehrgarh site. There were several entombment where a single several was enclosed in limited mud gable wall and aggregate entombment with ribbonlike mud adobe gable wall within which skeletons of six different individuals were discovered. The bodies in the aggregate entombment were kept in a flexed right and were laid east to west. Child bones were found in large red planet or urn entombment 4000~3300 BCE.
Metal chance have unstylish as primal as Period IIB, with a few copper
Mehrgarh is now stick out as a predecessor to the Indus Valley Civilization
. According to Ahmad Hasan Dani
, assistant professor old of paleology at Quaid-e-Azam University
in Islamabad
, "discoveries at Mehrgarh altered the total attribute of the Indus civilization
... There we have the whole sequence, right from the beginning of settled village life."
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